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  1. Here is my first image using registax to process. It is from an MP4 video that I converted to tiff in PIPP and then followed instructions from a YouTube video. It's not too bad an image for a regi virgin. Going to try some registax processing with double stars using the same method. See how that goes. Moon stacked.bmp
  2. PIPP sorted it. Thanks fellas. I'm off to the registax tutorials!
  3. Cheers. I'll give it a try. I think it's something to do with the video format on my camera, but then what do I know?! And if PIPP doesn't work I'm going photoshop CC. Do you think registax will work for stacking double star images?
  4. I've been at it for two hours now. Can't get an avi to open in registax at all. It was an MP4 which I converted in VLC. Registax still has those two comments and I can't find anything to explain how to sort the issue out. Help.
  5. Trying to load an avi into registax and at the bottom it shows 67% progress and next to that it says "setup extended mode connections" and "setup new image datasection". Does anyone have any advice about working this out, please? Baffling it is. Technowaffle is a slow burn for me to understand.
  6. Why does the ssd make such a big difference with video, bottletopburly???
  7. I'm taking photos outside with my lumix G7 and then processing inside. I'm thinking of something capable of running registax, deep sky stacker and rawtherapee or the paid/photoshop equivalent. Is it just a case of get what you can afford and make sure you get as much ram and as a good a processor as possible? I'm not looking to use it for much else really.
  8. Minimum requirement for a laptop for astro imaging? ...and go! Hardware and software suggestions appreciated.
  9. This video capture malarkey is what I fancy doing, mainly for double stars. What are the main stacking programs you are discussing here? I know about registax, but it only deals with .avi. Is there any program that will stack 4K video?
  10. So moving it closer would make the moon fit? I don't suppose there is a thinner T to M4/3 adaptor, is there? Mine is about 20mm deep. I understand about using the scope as basically a telephoto lens, but I like the idea of using the camera with the eyepieces, especially for double stars (experimenting with the 4K video stacking process) and framing open clusters with a focal reducer. And I've invested now so want to get the best use from them.
  11. Nexstar 6SE. My thinking is that if I move the camera further from the eyepiece it will then see more of what I would see visually. Is that wrong? Probably. But, why?
  12. Does anyone know why the view through a camera attached to an eyepiece would show less than the visual view? Do I need more of an extension tube? And how do I know how much of an extension I would need? I'm attaching a LUMIX G7 to Celestron ultima duo eyepieces. I have the T-mount to M4/3 converter. I can see all of the moon in the 21mm visually, but only about 2/3 of that with the camera.
  13. Hahaha I was going to post the very same question. I was out last night getting frustrated with my camera set up and ended doing some double stars and the messier clusters in Auriga. Then I foolishly looked at the moon (with a filter, I might add) and saw a huge white dot in my right eye for the rest of the night. Good job the scope only takes a couple of minutes to set up and take down. I think nights like these make those clear, moonless nights that little bit precious. Got me a visit to a dark sky sight in the forest of Bowland lined up for he weekend. Fingers crossed for clear skies and a late rising moon.
  14. I'm going to try taking some video with my LUMIX G7 and a Celestron Ultima Duo eyepiece on some double stars th next clear night we get. I'm hopeful that, after getting the video converted to the right format, Registax will do me proud. Then I'll do some post production with rawtherapee.
  15. All is good and I've even discovered the "rate" button too. One thing I would like to see is the ability to recentre the crosshairs after slewing to a new object because the alignment isn't exactly as I would like it to be. I have heard some say that I should use two star align instead of sky align, but sky safari only seems to do the three star alignment.
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