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  1. Thanks, its one of my better images. The C9.25 is a big step in size and quality and it shows in the images.
  2. One of my better images with some fine detail an a night of good seeing. Apennine Mountains on 30th of May 202 @ 1920UT. Equipment HEQ5PRO, C9.25, ZWO 120ASI MCS, Best 205 of 5000 frames.
  3. I have just had the same problem, thanks for the info.
  4. Can anybody tell me what size thread the bold that holds the mount to the tripod is please? I think its a M10 but im not sure. I am looking for a short bolt to attach the mount to a pier. Thanks for the help.
  5. Can we have some more photos please. Especially the mirrors. thanks very much.
  6. This is my progress on my first Observatory. I am making it up as go along. It will be 12" x 8", including a small warm room. It will ahve a rolloff roof the first photo is a smaller design which has since grown a little. Hopefully I would like it water tight by the end of Oct? Time will tell how good it turns out!
  7. Thanks very much, I thought that was the case but wasnt sure.
  8. Thanks very much for the reply, just to be clear it will also help with a one shot colour camera?
  9. I am looking to improve my lunar photos and was wondering if a Bader IR pass filter 685nm would help me? I use a skywatcher 200p with a ZWO ASI 120 MC camera and a Telvue x2 barlow. All on a HEQ5pro mount. In the future Im looking to upgrade to a Celestron 9.25 and a ZWO 290mm Mono camera for lunar work. Thanks fopr any advice.
  10. Thanks very much all neew to me.
  11. Can somebody help my name this lunar location. Many thanks for he help.
  12. First attempt at Copernicus, all new to me especially the post processing.
  13. I have a skywatcher HEQ5 pro. My question is after polar alignment I return the mount to the home position, should ploaris be in the center of the eyepice? If it's not, can I release the clutches and get polaris in the centere of the eyepice before starting a 3star alignment with the StynScan hand controler. I polar align always taking care to level the mount and getting polaris in the correct position on the clock. I find that when trying to star alingnment the stars are always abou 5 degrees out? I hope im making sense my concern is, Is my polar scope and telescope not in line with each ot
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