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  1. Thanks very much all. The owners know very little about the scope so probably believed half price was a good offer, no malice on their side I'm sure. It's all completely standard, just 1 ep that isn't particularly exciting and no bells or whistles. Looking online I saw the scope somewhere for 600ish new, the mount for 520 new as well. In hindsight, maybe as second hand 5-600 is a better price point. Many thanks again for the points of view! Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  2. It is that one. So the scope and the eq5 syncsan Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, I haven't had a chance to get in here for a long time, career change and lots of other things going on. However, I may have just been offered a good deal... Except I'm out of my depth with the scope in question. Long story short, go grandfather in law (if that's even a thing) was bought a telescope as a present some years ago. It is an orion optics VX8 with the eq5 syncsan tripod. He has had it set up in his summerhouse for a while, but has only ever actually used it once or twice as he never really had much of an interest. His wife said it was bought for about £2,000 at the
  4. Granted I don't have a GOTO but I think I prefer it that way. I love hunting the skies for dso's, that little rush you get when you see the smudge of light in the ep. I have a planesphere which I do use occasionally. Mostly though I use stellarium for star hopping and the 'star chart' ios map for checking what's in the vicinity of the think I'm already looking at. I guess each to their own. I can definitely see the benefits of a GOTO, especially for those who know what they want to see. But also I get the joy of hunting for stuff. Whatever helps you enjoy it can't be a bad thing reall
  5. Out from about 10:30 until 2am. About midnight my better half (who had been dozing in the car) asked whether it was time to get going home, it was a school night after all! Anyways, I asked if she wanted to get out and just look for 5 minutes which she did. As luck would have it, she lay down on the sea wall (we were at the local coast) and within 2 minutes we saw a huge one. Nevertheless, she was hooked by then. she has never really seen my interest in astronomy until last night. We were somewhere with much darker skies than home and she couldn't believe the amount of stars visible.
  6. Yeah to confirm it was early the Friday morning - stayed up later than originally intended, sleepy day in work on Friday! I see your point about the times, I can double check with a new recording on Sharpcap tonight to see whether it draws the time from the laptop clock as opposed to anything else. the laptop clock is right but it's always worthwhile to check tonight when I get home from work. Just another pondering - I have no idea what orientation the camera was in the EP holder at. Sure someone can work that one out simply enough from the path of the moon through the image, but just a thoug
  7. Seems to be looking good for the Wirral as well.. but sshhh... don't say anything too loudly and jinx it!
  8. Sorry to fuel a bad obsession - The original video, and Sharpcap settings are at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y07zvhach305z9r/AACVW29wmwWRbwWsLnGMkAv1a?dl=0 If you're not happy downloading them to there, i can work something else out. Timestamp for when the file was created is: Edit** timestamp is from a copied file - I will have to find the original one! sorry! Edit 2** Friday 31 July at 00:29 is the original file If you want more precise coordinates of where it was taken - feel free to pm me Sorry to have caused such a stir with the vid!
  9. Scorpious... I just... Wow. The single best post I have read on these forums so far. You sir, are a cut above! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Bigsumorian, I've made sure to try not to spam! sorry If i have come accross so. I think i have just tipped it over the 50. Sorry, it's my bad also. I was looking in the forums lists and only just realised it is in the top bar. Again, sorry if it seemed I was spamming, really didnt have that intention. please feel free to delete this topic!
  11. HI all - i had a look at this:http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/39715-user-ranks-and-post-counts/ I understand the titles etc. I'm just wondering about certain forums though. I was under the impression that at 50 posts, certain forums became available to view, e.g. was there a classifieds section or am i way off the mark there? It's not a huge issue, just being nosey really. Sorry if i'm missing an obvious answer or something!
  12. J_N_Y

    SGL 11 - Dates :)

    Can I just ask, as I'm still pretty new to the site are there any 'requirements' for this? And what is the setup of a star party? What happens during the daylight hours? I'd love to try and make it for a weekend but I have literally no concept of what it is. If I have missed an obvious thread explaining please let me know!! Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  13. Cracking images (and nice presentation). Great hard work to catch her! Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  14. Just ordered some embroidery rings. Hadn't even thought of this, I have just loosened the rings and twisted the tube. Great idea! I could do with a system to rotate the finder now! Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  15. Another vote for turn left at orion, I have the pdf of it and is a good read. Also, stellarium is lovely for a young'un and you as well, as it's very intuitive and visual. It's fantastic that your inspiration is to keep your son captivated. Such a lovely thing. I'd think possibly looking at the moon, trying to spot the moon landing sites. You can always look into the space programs then. Does he have any particular interests with space? Planets, constellations, moon etc? I bet he has been really interested in new horizons mission! Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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