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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm almost finished building a new dome and I have installed 12 volt motors / gear boxes to drive the dome. Now I am wanting to control the dome from my computer, so that the opening on the dome is always in line with the telescope. At this stage, thats all I want - I don't need the computer to open / close the shutter or to install a weather station or anything like that. My question is, what would be the simplest / cheapest option to achieve syncronisation between the pointing of the dome and telescope? I was wondering about using a raspberry pi or something like that? I've never done anything like this before, so if anyone has an idea, I'd be really keen to hear it. Thanks very much! Ross
  2. Hi Chris, sorry to hijack this posting - my message below has nothing to do with it at all, but I couldn't find the means of sending you a personal message.... I hope you don't mind. My name is Ross Taylor - I'm in New Zealand and you've been recommended as someone who could help.. and I've been reading your postings on a similar issue and I think you're the man to be able to tell me how to fix a problem, if you're able and willing? I'd appreciate any ideas. I am very new to all of this. The other night, I had the clutches engaged on my 2007 model eq6 and had a 18 kg payload on it. I was slewing remotely and unfortunately it hit the mount.It continued slewing, although the telescope didn't move because it had hit the pier. I was using EQMOD at the time. Since then, using plate solving, my telescope is aways significantly out on RA, even if I solve the image, apply a correction and re-solve. I thought it might be a problem with EQMOD, so I decided to try doing an alignment using the synscan controller and then trying to find an object - but again, it no longer finds the object....it's always about 8 - 15 minutes out. I'm wondering if something has been damaged? I have tried resetting the home position. I have just tried using the handset to do a 3 star align, then whilst unparked, to resync encoders. The problem remains. I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I had the scope unparked, plugged the synscan handset in, did the 3 star align (which it said was successful) and then did the resynch encoders. Is that the right way of doing it? Or am I completely wrong, lol ? Do you have any ideas at all please? Would love to hear from you. I think EQMOD is terrific - it's been a real pleasure to use. Many thanks Ross
  3. Hi Earl, Thanks for your comment. I've reset it, and have now tried doing an 3 star alignment using the synscan controller.... same result as before.. .the goto is still out by about 15'. When I reconnect to EQMOD and use plate solving to apply the 15' correction, and slew to the object, it still keeps on missing the object.... Cheers R
  4. Hi Mike, yes, I have tried resetting home.... and also deleted the sky model in EQMOD. Since then, I've tried doing a 3 star alignment using the synscan controller - but the same error remains... so I don't think it's EQMOD or the synscan.... If it was the polar alignment, then I'm guessing that when I plate solved, it would compensate for the error, which it is not doing... so I remain at a complete loss....
  5. Ok, thanks for that - will just try doing a new PA / drift alignment and if that doesn't work, will go from there.... and reinstall EQMOD. Many thanks R
  6. Ok, thanks so much - I'll do a drift align in the next few days (when the cloud disapears) and will update this forum with the results. Cheers - thanks for contributing. Ross
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply to my post. I've tried doing the same thing with the synscan controller, and still have the same results, so I don't think it's EQMOD.... but have absolutely no idea what the problem is.... a week of trying to get this sorted, and no luck at all.... lol. Any other thoughts?
  8. Hi, yes, I had black marker points on my permanent set up to define polar alignment and they had not moved, so PA is certainly fine. I think it's an internal issue in the EQ6?
  9. Thanks - I have tried making a new sync point list in EQMOD and also tried building a new model with the Synscan controller as well - the error remained with both. I don't think the polar alignment has shifted as the pier is concreted in and it's very solid..... and seeing as the same error is observable with both the hand controller and EQMOD, I don't think it's a software issue.... any other thoughts of how I should investigate it next? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Ross
  10. Thanks - I have already tried resetting the home position, but that did not work.... but what do you mean "detele the sky model'? I am using EQMOD, and I have deleted the the sync point list and created a new alignment list.... that didn't work either. Is that what you meant? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I have a Skywatcher EQ6 that was set up on a permanent pier. Unfortunately, it slewed and hit the pier and carried on going... I think it's damaged it. Now, when I do an alignment (3 star) it says 'Alignment Successful', but misses the target when I'm using the go-to functions. I've used plate solving and find that it's regularly about 15 minutes out in terms of Right Ascension but this varies. It's also very slightly out terms of declination. Can anybody tell me what the problem is likely to be and whether it would be easily fixed please? Would really appreciate any help - I'm fairly new at this and it's quite a disaster for me. Many thanks Ross
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