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  1. I haven't had the chance to do anything for quite a while, but finally got a clear(ish) night last night and managed to shoot a few avi's in between gusts of wind. 15 avi's, with the best 20% of 750 frames getting stacked, and a mosaic created in iMerge. Scope Skywatcher 130/900 with RA motor on EQ2 mount, and a Microsoft HD3000 webcam in the eyepiece. Click through for full size image.
  2. Perfectly captures the spirit of Astronomy - thank you and well done!
  3. Thank you very much indeed John :-)
  4. Thanks Charl - appreciate the kind comments. Back to Jupiter I think when the next clear night arrives....mosaic madness at the moment
  5. I created this mosaic of 45 images in iMerge, each image being created from a stack of the best 80% of 500 frames. Telescope Skywatcher 130/900 with RA motor drive Camera Adapted Microsoft HD3000 webcam Lens 2x Barlow Software Registax 6 & iMerge Location NW England
  6. Jupiter at 00:03 on 10th May 2017. 1500 images stacked in AS!2 Telescope was polar aligned with RA motor drive in operation. Conditions calm. Telescope Skywatcher 130/900 Camera MS HD3000 with 2x Barlow. Image count 1500 Software AS!2 & Registax 6 (wavelet)
  7. Jupiter at 23:59 on 05th May 2017. 1000 stacked images with associated 450 dark frames. Telescope was polar aligned with RA motor drive in operation. Conditions windy. Telescope Skywatcher 130/900 Camera MS HD3000 with 2x Barlow. Image count 1000 Software Registax 6/PIPP
  8. Jupiter at 23:30 on 01st may. 150 frames captured using an MS HD3000 webcam in the eyepiece of a Skywatcher 130/900/EQ2 mount using a x2 Barlow. Medium seeing conditions with gusts of wind, object tracked manually. Processed using PIPP and Registax 6. It's not going to win any awards, but I'm reasonably happy with it
  9. Hi, Give a free program called iMerge a try - I use it a lot for Lunar mosaic stitching and have had some good results with it. http://jaggedplanet.com/imerge.asp Chris
  10. Thanks James. I can't quite work this one out....the CL Driver utility will do it.....maybe it's a Sharpcap thing?
  11. Hi, I have been using a modded PS3 eyecam for planetary and lunar imaging, having had some decent success with it. I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to get the long exposure (10 seconds) working with Sharpcap? Sharpcap can 'see' the camera and the mode and the dialogue comes up on the right panel for exposure, but the Start Capture button is greyed out. Am I missing something glaringly obvious? Many Thanks Chris
  12. Thanks happy-kat and Alan...appreciate the advice. Chris
  13. Well it looks like my budget may be around £300 to £350, so I'm guessing I'm possibly looking at a Canon 1200d or a Nikon D3300. I know the general rule is Canon for astrophotography, but would either of these be suitable for dual use (it would be nice to be able to hook up to a laptop and use that)?
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