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  1. No, it wasn't the Whirlpool Galaxy, I've been trying to locate the Whirlpool Galaxy specifically but I haven't had much luck lol It's in Saturns general direction but higher in the sky, I found it first in the finder scope, I looked through the 25mm afterwards and noticed that I found something and even more so when I switched to the 10mm, it's very faint but large. In the direction of Saturn, but higher in the sky. I found it again last night scanning the sky with the finderscope. I'll have to pay attention to the exact position I'm looking in when I find it tonight.
  2. Went out last night and viewed Saturn/Jupiter again and also came across two objects that I couldn't make our 100% because they were faint/hazy, the street light that is directly across from us really messes up our viewing since it's never completely dark around our home and our eyes can never adjust to full darkness... I couldn't tell if they were Star Clusters or a Galaxy, the 2nd object was pretty large in the eyepiece and seemed to have bands of stars going outwards (spiral like), which made me think it was a galaxy. Amazing nonetheless!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for all the help you've given me, it's helped me understand my telescope/eyepieces much more! Ahhh! Ok, that makes a lot of sense, I knew some of the information but now how it came about. So, the 10mm with have 120x magnification and the 25mm with have 48x magnification, this is very easy to work out (which is good, I'm not very fond of #'s)... Thanks a lot! The dobsonian didn't come with a barlow lens so that's something we will be buying soon along with another eyepiece. Is it good to start off with a 2x barlow or better to jump up to something stronger? What eyepiece sho
  4. Can't edit my posts yet so disregard my above post. If I am understanding this correctly, the 25mm and 10mm are both for the 1.25" eyepiece adapter? What eyepieces are used for the 2" eyepiece adapter? Is this a correct assumption?
  5. That makes sense to me, I reattached the 1.25" eyepiece to it's correct place. So these eye pieces don't have anything to do with the 25mm and 10mm?
  6. I feel silly not knowing if these are adapters or not There's two of them, they attach to each other (screw into place) the smaller one has two thumbscrews and screws into the larger piece that also has two thumb screws... Together Apart:
  7. Yeah, I'll have to let my wife know since she's the Canadian and familiar with the province, haha. One of the Dark Sky Preserves is only 2 hours away from us. Hopefully, tonight we can try to view some dso's, which I read from an earlier post would be better viewed with the 25mm? I'm a little confused as to how the eyepiece "area" works, there's some tubes that the eyepiece fits into that then fits into the actual telescope and makes the optical tube (not familiar with the term) longer it seems like?
  8. I live in New Brunswick and just looked for some Dark Sky Preserves in our province and there's actually 3 of them! So this is definitely good news. We're about 23km out of Fredericton, which is a pretty small city to begin with and there's not many lights out here but there is a street light right across the street from us which ruins it a little...
  9. Auxilium


    Various images of our neighbors.
  10. Sorry for the double post, just wanted to share the image of Jupiter we took with an awful tablet camera. Very surprised it came out so well..
  11. Thanks guys! Extremely happy with the telescope, it's amazing and can't wait to go out there again tonight. So it's as easy as finding and pointing the telescope at a DSO and voila (of course, adjust focus etc..) I can see it through the eye piece given the right conditions? The eye pieces seem to fit into other tubes that I can fit into place in the actual optical tube and it seems to make the viewing tube longer? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm not familiar with the acronyms or technical parts of the actual optics.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a question.... Wife and received our Dobsonian 8" Skyliner 200P yesterday, set it up last night and started viewing tonight and had some amazing views of Saturn and Jupiter (my mind was blown) and that was with the 10mm eyepiece that came with the scope. My question is...how do you view beyond planets and view deep sky objects? Is that possible with the standard 25mm and 10mm, and pieces that came with the telescope? I'm practically new to the telescope scene (last time I looked through a telescope was over 15 years ago) so I don't have much knowledge on the matter.
  13. I actually downloaded Stellarium a few hour ago, I haven't checked it out yet, but my wife relayed it to me lol
  14. So excited! We haven't purchased any additional equipment or eyepieces so we will be using the standard 25mm/10mm that came with the scope, but will definitely be going for more in the near future! Is that image accurate (color wise) at what we will be viewing? Wow, that's an amazing site! I was looking for something like this earlier but didn't know exactly how to word it.
  15. Hello from Canada!!! I decided to join the website after lurking for awhile! My wife and I just ordered an Dobsonian 8" SkyWatcher (Skyliner? Different names floating around on the internet) and should have it sometime next week, hoping for the earliest possible! I've always been a fan of astronomy, since I was about 8 years old and I'm almost bursting with the excitement of what's to come next week. There's a lot of information on the 8" we picked up on the internet but I haven't really found any actual images of what it can do with it's deep sky viewing... Can someone give me a general idea
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