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  1. Hi all, I cam across this astrograph for sale on eBay with a rather ingenious and unobtrusive storage/protection solution. I recognise it as a musical instrument storage box, possibly for drum kit stands and wondered if anyone here had tried this or knew what the cases are called so I can try and locate one? I've search google but i'm failing to find anything matching this tube.
  2. Ah, so simple, both my scopes have 2" focusers with 1.25" inserts so I've never needed to use anything for 2" EPs Thanks tooth_dr
  3. Hi all, had this in a box of mixed eyepieces I got off eBay a while ago and never figured out what it was for , what its meant to hold or where it scrwes onto. Had a google around and cant find anything exactly like it other than guide-scope rings, which it clearly isn't.
  4. Is this the one reported in March 2014 (http://messier.seds.org/more/m061_psn2014.html) or a new one?
  5. Hi, Rather a simple query, will a skywatcher explorer 150p focuser fit a celestron c6-n? The C6-N comes with a horrible single speed rack and pinion focuser, whereas the SW's come with a dual speed 2 inch Crayford. Cosidering the scopes are mostly identical size-wise (and spec wise), do you think it might fit the exisitng holes? This is the proposed new focuser in question: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/dual-speed-crayford-1252-inch-focuser-for-skywatcher-explorer.html
  6. Hi Ian, Neil here, Cetainly was a good weekend, the Sunday night again clouded in but still had clear patches until about midnight when it blanketted over. It apparently cleared up around 2am I think, sadly after I'd been Zzzz'ing for a while after deciding it wasnt going to clear. Regarding the Persied trail you mentioned, here's the shot, unedited: https://www.dropbox....erseidTrail.JPG That must have been taken a good 7-8 seconds after it had already sailed past and left its trail. The curve was caused by the wind catching the trail. It was my first StarCamp as well and I'll definately be going next year if i can get the time booked off work (note to self, take bigger tent). I did try and get some images through my smaller scope on the Sunday night through the cloud gaps but the motordrive was playing up and it kept trailing, oh well. It was a great weekend and nice to meet you Ian, see you next year!
  7. It clips inside, very tightly, just like the dustcap of the scope. My 12" Dob came with solar film over one of the offaxis holes in it's dustcap, which again snaps into the end of the scope. That has never even budged when in place
  8. Sent you a PM, not sure about posting rules re sellers etc yet
  9. The film didnt come with any instructions, that was the problem. It was in that brown paper sleeve that it is resting on in the photo, secured between cardboard. I will give your suggestion a go, thanks
  10. Hi all, I've just obtained a full apeture solar film mount for my Celestron C6-N and a sheet of solar film. I'm at a loss of the best way to attach the film to the mount as it has no grooves or internal/external fixings, only a plastic rim on the inner edge. Obviously the film needs to be taut but I cant see the best way of achieving this, any ideas? Photo attached
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