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  1. An EQ2 just wont be up to the job i'm afraid. You need the accuracy for AP. Even an EQ5 pro is on the limit
  2. Definitely +1 for the HEQ5 ...i still love my EQ5 pro for its portability and the results I got with it though
  3. It is true what they say...the mount is often more important that the Telescope ! That said my beginners AP set up consisted of a Canon 1100D, Skywatcher ED80 plus an EQ5 pro mount (which is now up for sale btw!) This set up would have lasted me a long time...if I didnt get aperture fever I would say the absolute minimum mount you require for AP would be an EQ5 pro...even better if you can find a HEQ5. I've attached a couple of pics what I was able to achieve with an EQ5 pro, ED80 and unmodified canon 1100d ...all from light polluted birmingham
  4. Hi, Im looking for a flattener/reducer for my SW ED80 DS pro I currently image with a DSLR. I'm not too fussed on whether it is skywatcher official as long as it works
  5. Thanks so much. Had real difficulty with it due to using a CLS filter - lesson learned
  6. Not too bad for about 5mins total integration time Thank you:)
  7. Here's my take on the ever popular beehive cluster! Taken from my back garden in Birmingham whilst battling with the moon 26x 120s exposures at iso800. Taken with SW ed80 ds pro, heq5pro (guided) and unmodified canon 200d Processed with startools, light room mobile and aviary. Spikes added for sparklyness! ?????
  8. Literally a 5 minute set of exposures on a static tripod. Mainly for my own processing practice! taken from my back garden in birmingham spike was added post processing
  9. I've never done any wide field before, but after wearing myself out with many late nights I was feeling too tired to drag the imaging rig out last night! I decided to just use a static tripod, my canon 200d with 18-55mm kit lens and a remote shutter. I stacked 85 shots of 16s at Iso1600. Stacked with deep sky stacker and edited with star tools
  10. Drop rother valley optics or first light optics an email and they will sort you one out
  11. This is exactly how I run my setup how long is your active usb cable? Mine is 20m and comes with a seperate power supply. Bit terrified to plug it in to be honest. I'm not sure I want to blow my nice camera up
  12. and the sun is shining, possibly a bit of solar WL observing, followed by M38 and maybe a bit of Makarians chain later this evening! :)

  13. Actually felt I was there with you then as I read this thank you.
  14. It's the old reticule I'm afraid. What I mean by aligning is when you align the cross hair on a tv aerial etc, turn the mount by 180 degrees and the cross hair still stays bang on the tv aerial. Tbh my new mount has the new reticle, I actually polar align via software. But if I was to do it manually I would turn the RA axis so that 0 or 12 o'clock is at the top. Then place Polaris where my handset or app says Polaris should be. I hope this helps! I'm actually planning on aligning manually at some point and then checking the accuracy with sharpcap
  15. after just buying a second hand HEQ5 pro myself from RVO i've been on the look out for these mounts there's a group on facebook called 'secondhand astronomy equipment uk" - I believe theres one for sale on there too. I don't know the seller or anything, just spotted it on my HEQ5 sourcing mission
  16. I dont have the same mount as you...but when I've been lazy I've used my dslr screen as my eyepiece so to speak. After nailing polar alignment I often select capella or a relatively bright star and get that centred in the live view on my canon 200D
  17. Hello all! After a recent upgrade my EQ5 pro is now up for sale! I'm looking for £350. for that amount you get: EQ5 Pro (good condition) - missing the polar scope cap...but doesn't affect operation at all. I have also made sure the polar scope is aligned to the mount! Tripod 1 x Counterweight Synscan Handset and Motor control box (these were only very recently replaced by Rother Valley Optics) Polar scope illuminator Cigar lighter power cable. Due to the weight, i can't really get it delivered. However I am located in Birmingham and the buyer would be welcome to collect or if not too far we could arrange to meet. This is also listed for sale on Astro buy/sell and on Facebook
  18. Hello! just wondering if anyone is around south brum? I'm still a billy no mates...I quite fancy getting out into the countryside sometimes to do some imaging, but its a bit intimidating when you're on your own. Would love to make a few astro friends around here
  19. Ah so it is real! I wasn't imagining it! I actually imaged this...or something identical on Saturday morning. I believe it had the number 2704? this could be 2705?
  20. Here's mine.... with the ever popular white canon!
  21. Image captured 15th April 2018 from my back garden in Birmingham Multiple 130s exposures at ISO 800 - Canon 200D with CLS filter. approx 20 mins exposure in total. Darks and flats applied. Telescope : SW ED80 DS pro Mount : HEQ5 pro - belt modded unguided stacked in DSS and processed in Star Tools
  22. Definitely. Considering I got it cheaper than a brand new one ...including having it belt modded by RVO too
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