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  1. I probably didn't explain the best either. Its not my forte ? but you are right. The stars look good. No crazy shapes
  2. We also discussed the strehl scores from the rest of the batch. All are very good. Just not as good as this one
  3. That's an upclose of the simulated star. I spoke to Altair about this, it was a polishing artefact most likely. If you look at the wave height it's really a none issue. I work with lasers in my job a little, and after having it all explained to me it's all a bit clearer. Basically this lens is a bit of a fluke
  4. Thanks very much both. I'm not the best at processing.... Still learning but I'm quite happy.
  5. First light 57x60s AA72edf, AA lightwave 0.8 reducer, AA hypercam 183c pro, Skywatcher Heq5 pro
  6. Exactly ? I honestly can't wait to take my scope out again. For the price our little 72s are fabulous
  7. The triangular 'pattern' on my lens is a polishing artefact. But the strehl score is real. A happy accident so to speak
  8. That's not what I was implying ... Just it's nice to hear I had a bit of luck I will get round to star testing it eventually. I live in Birmingham where the seeing conditions aren't great anyway. I also need to dig out a green filter and read a lot more into it so that it's fair. First impressions though, this is an incredible scope and I can't believe my luck.
  9. Had it confirmed from Altair. My lens is the best of the batch I'll take that. Its a 1 in 500 lens. I better go put the lottery on ?
  10. I don't think it is pinched...though it certainly looks that way. The article above suggests it's spacers either way...for the price I cannot complain. Especially when it's scoring better than some taks ?
  11. Found this useful article too http://cameras.altairastro.com/2018/03/20/star-testing-a-fast-modern-ed-doublet-refractor/
  12. I did take a look at the airy discs and diffraction rings briefly. I didn't spend an epic amount of time on it admittedly. But they looked much like the examples above
  13. Didnt get round to doing this yet, but I will at some point. All I can say is that this scope exudes quality ....especially when compared to my SW ED80. I did get an image of M31 last night, i'll post it up when I'm happy with my processing :)
  14. Silly me forgot to order a longer vixen dovetail...nearly balanced but not quite going to give it a go regardless
  15. I must admit with the optical test report I am out of my comfort zone. That said I know the strehl value is crazy good!! If they are infact true...which I don't doubt they are ill be super happy. I reckon Altair know people will be scrutinising these results...so it's not in their interest to lie I have a feeling these might go out of stock rapidly haha
  16. Looks like it! Primarily I'll be using this for astrophotography...but I'll try and check out what it it is like at higher powers. I might even be lucky and get first light this evening
  17. So my new scope arrived today, this is primarily why my 80ed is up for sale. Early days yet, but I'm hoping to get first light tonight. Such a good price point too, considering it comes with an optical test report. I'll try and get an in depth review up soon
  18. Hi I'm selling my beloved scope. Its around 7 months old ish. Has the usual marks on the vixen bar. Comes with aluminium case, 2" 28mm eyepiece, 2" diagonal and 6x30 finder scope. A great scope for beginning astrophotography not bad for visual either. £380 , collection from Birmingham only.
  19. Hi still learning the ropes with my new Hypercam 183c pro i took this image of the heart nebula the other evening, and now I realise I want a scope with a shorter focal length haha. 22x 240s stacked and calibrated in PI. Final touch up in PS 2018 SW ED80 DS pro with Altair light wave 0.8 reducer. Heq5 pro, Altair astro hypercam 183c pro. Guided.
  20. Thanks very much! Well to be honest i like to share what I'm learning warts and all ?
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