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  1. congrats it is a great feeling when you find a new object i still think it should be called the apple core nebula because thats exactly what it looks like to me a gorgeous grey apple core
  2. Lovely looking scope i have had my eye on the same one and see there back in stock.and for the money looks a bargain dual speed crayord fan and its closed tube so saving money on a truss dob light shield and also a bearing base instead of teflon pads.i bet there out of stock when i want one after christmas congrats on getting an old friend back
  3. This is what your setup should look like do you have the slow motion controlls ?
  4. Oh dear why would someone sell it without 2 rings that looks very unstable and will eventually bend or snap off. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-telescope-tube-rings.html these will do the job £22 just remove the old ring from the orange dovetail then fit these to the orange dovetail pop the tube in and off you go hope this helps you might need another dovetail maybe someone can confirm this
  5. Lovely picture gorgeous round stars and i love the colour of the spiral arms
  6. i have a normal barlow skywatcher delux(2 lens) and it worked fine in my 130p with all the eyepieces i have bst 15mm,vixen npl 30mm,omni plossl 9mm and the 10mm,25mm that came with the scope
  7. hey everyone just scouring the net about astronomy i came across this free site.in the articles there is a ton of info about everything to do with photography/astrophotography thought it might be helpfull http://www.clarkvision.com/index.html
  8. when you post a reply you can see post and more reply options press more reply options then you will see you can attach files hope that helps congrats on the scope btw
  9. congrats on your new scope should be with you today ? post some pics if you can i love unboxing pics so i can drool
  10. just watched it and they have found liquid water very salty briney water but still water
  11. me to dave astro babys guide is only one i found showing the offset of fast newts,before that i was trying to get the collimation cap reflection central as the other guides just tell you everything needs to be concentric
  12. yes dave f5 130p-ds i think the offset confuses people.
  13. thank you for the link dave never had my secondary this centered ever
  14. I was so excited to see orion this morning thats my first time,and venus was so bright
  15. Hi fozzie yes i have put the metal dovetail base on and it has made it so much more rigid.i do not like that multi reticle finder anyway there is not enough movement lett and right to align it without putting the finder shoe at an angle,they are made for gun sights and thats were they should stay
  16. yes fozzie its what makes us so unique as humans likes,dislikes thats why i love this forum you get different points of view without malice so you can make your own mind up which you choose.i think i am getting ocd for finders,i know this will not be the last finder i buy as i now have my eyes on a illuminated raci finder
  17. i am comparing it to my rigel quickfinder,starguider mutli reticle finder and my red dot finder.i find it so much easier to align because the viewing window is bigger i can even move my head side to side and can still see the reticles.
  18. i got this today and did not have any of the problems you described its so much better than my rigel in every way,but these things are very personal choices,what 1 person likes another will not same as everythig astronomy related i guess
  19. just arrived today so not tried it at night but it is easier to see the reticles easier to align and brighter than my rigel.i only use the reticle finders now for finding objects i dont even use my raci.
  20. Hi again everyone,my new finder arrived today as stated above,this is a great finder which unlike most red dot finders is not a red dot it has the same 2 circles as my rigel finder but goes alot brighter so i can align it during the day,it is all plastic but feels very well made,it is very light at 5oz,142g which is great for balance with my 130p-ds on my heritage mount, it also has a 40mm viewing window which is so much easier to see the reticles,at £29 it is also cheaper than a telrad or rigel and to me looks so much better.i have posted a couple of photos of it next to my other finders for scale and on my ota.rigel,telrad or this the choice is yours but imho this is a great finder.
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