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  1. yeah, the motors themselves are fine - they track ok with the battery pack. how many milliamps is your adaptor rated for Mark? Mine was 500mA. I figured that's why it wasn't tracking properly - not enough amps.
  2. I have recently bought EQ4/5 dual axis motor drives for my EQ5 mount. I've had them working, but they've never tracked properly. I've been using a variable voltage mains adaptor rated at 500mA but that exploded in a puff of smoke when I accidentally had it set to 12 volts, not the usual 6. I now need to buy another adaptor but nowhere does it say how many amps the motors draw... does any body know?? I don't want to just guess and risk starting any more fires or damaging the motors.
  3. Hi all, I'm fairly new to astronomy and thought its about time I got involved in a forum... so hello everyone!
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