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  1. Excellent picture wish I could get one like that. Impressed you could keep all the subs. Would like to see a HD version of it. B-B
  2. Just watched your youtube video of the ISS, v cool pics. The video brought back memories of my attempts at tracking it through the scope - its like a little glowy mosquito in the dark impressive none the less! B-B
  3. A friend was saying he saw a quadruple satellite 'fly-past' in a diamond formation around the time you saw yours. He did some research and came to the conclusion that it was the space shuttle launching 3 satellites simultaneously. I'd love to have seen it, but I can safely assume it was cloudy
  4. I use a bit of cardboard from a box of skimmed milk (no one ever said astronomy needs to be glamourous) and I blu-tak a bolt onto the lens cap to use a 'sundial'. Needs some refinement, but it does the job.
  5. It was caused by an instability in the 'lace-twine curtainuum'!!
  6. I have this problem with my EQ5 on my semi hollow patio. I've looked at the Celestron vibration suppression pads as well as the Meade V.I.Ps. From the look of it there's not much to choose between the two, but as far as how well they work I'm afraid I'm in the same boat as you. you might find this thread helpful: http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/105602-vibration-suppression-pads-any-good.html
  7. Haha! yeah. I'm sure it made me seem less of an idiot yesterday I'd like to get one though, they look rather nice. I'd like a Canon 1000D as well.
  8. 1st off, my bad, I was looking at the already gotoed scope but it should still work... however sat here going over it, I've confused myself a lot In theory if you buy the bit separately you should save a bit of money - the step up in price between the standard set up and the gotoed set up is more than the cost of the goto upgrade kit by £45. The main area of saving I was looking at is selling on the mount as I already have an EQ5. Thats where my £200 less came from.
  9. Thanks John. I'm guessing a focal reducer would fix it, or another tube (I was already toying with the idea of a nice reflector) Are there any other (cheaper) fixes I can use in the meantime?
  10. Thanks for the assistance I suppose technically that makes my scope short sighted. lol
  11. Ok, with just the diagonal and the eyepiece it makes it a little better but the focusing tube is still right up against the stop. Without the diagonal it works fine, but I'm at funny angles viewing, which was the point of the diagonal. If i go back to my original setup of 1.25" stuff but keep the 2" diagonal in its still not focusing. Why is the extra .75" causing issues?
  12. Its a 4" Helios refractor, focal length = 1000mm The eyepiece is the Revelation 2" 26mm Barlow is a 2" 2x Revelation And the diagonal is "2 90deg Revelation (I quite like revelation stuff ) Oh, the more I wind the focuser out the worse it gets - its like the focal length is too long or something
  13. I got a new diagonal, 2x barlow and eyepiece a few weeks back, cloud has meant Im only able to get out there now to test it all out. When I use all 3 bits of kit together the scope doesn't seem to focus on anything far away e.g the moon but it will focus on stuff close by like trees. Any ideas why or any ideas how to fix it? Cheers B-B
  14. I cant even go on my concrete patio while its doing stuff. Nice scope that. I was looking at one of these last night. I reckoned I could get one on my EQ5 gotoed for £200 less than it is on FLO
  15. Wow! Thats huge... Thats amazing! You chose some good photons to collect. B-B
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