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  1. Thanks Andy. I plan on getting along to one of the meets at Carter Observatory, I'll keep an eye out for the one in Carterton too but it's a bit of a drive. Could be a good excuse for an overnight stay over the hills, Wairarapa is a lovely area.
  2. Probably because mid-day sun is north here and not south, that's bloody confusing too!
  3. Thanks everyone! Clear skies last night, had my first encounter with dropping temperatures causing condensation on the lens. Welcome to dew point. Even in the suburbs, the stargazing potential is high here, with the milky way clearly visible to the naked eye. Jupiter the only planet visible, the others are all hiding under the horizon. For now. Still coming to terms with everything being upside down, as I'm originally from Ireland (Hi Uhwaz!). Orion is the wrong way round, and don't get me started with the man on the moon.
  4. thebionn

    Hello from NZ

    Hi all New-ish to the forums, recently gifted an 8" Dobsonian as an early birthday present so I'm new to the scoping aspect but lifelong (unaided) stargazer. I'll be back with loads more questions once I get the hang of it. Set it up the other night and saw Jupiter with its 4 Gallilean moons, absolutely amazing. Bye bye for now.
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