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  1. I don't know what the light or star you saw was, it could be any one of a hundred things but as to why you could only see it when you moved your head slightly in the bed is most likely, ( depending on which side you were lying ), due to the fact that the eye closest to the pillow, left or right could not actually see the object as the top of the roof on the house that it was above obscured it from that eye's vision and as you moved your head or eyes around you were finding the blind spot in the eye that could see it. I've had similar experiences with the LEDs on tele's and clocks in a bedroom
  2. Yes, unfortunately the street lights on the Strand Road and the lamps on the promenade aren't very good for the viewing quality, but they are a very helpful and friendly bunch of guys and girls .
  3. Try this http://www.irishastrosoc.org/ they have out reaches on the Promenade beside Sandymount Martello Tower and over in Clontarf on the northside, just missed one on Fri 9th Dec but they will probably have another one in January also if you click on the Dublin Street Astronomers link they talk about having dark sites in the Wicklow mountains.
  4. I just had a quick check of all the laptop PSUs here in my office and they are all rated at 19v DC output. I am currently using the PSU off a Hard Disc Drive reader to power my Orion XT8g. It's rated at 12v DC output with a 2.5amp max draw. I measured it at 12.5v but that is acceptable and seems to work fine. I have seen similar ones on Amazon and Ebay for between €20 - €40
  5. After an eternity I managed to get a couple of nights observing in. I bought a Skywatcher UHC filter back in the Spring and have only gotten to use it a couple of times. It certainly made a huge difference, several objects I could not see before or were just very dim fuzzy patches came to life. Last night I was looking at M27 The Dumbbell and was amazed at how big and bright it was but it was very hard to tell if it was in focus or not, I kept having to slew to a bright-ish star near by to focus on that and then slew back again. M57 The Ring is not so bad as there are one or two small s
  6. Good to know, I might look into mount a red dot as well actually I am liking the look of the Rigel Quick Finder the way it's quite high above the OTA seems like it would be comfortable to use.
  7. Sorry if this has been covered before but does the length of time between aligning the first star and the second star of a "2 Star Alignment" affect the goto and tracking accuracy, its just thatsometimes I've been caught out by clouds and had to wait several minutes before I could do the second alignment or should I just start again which can be a bit of a pain if it is likely you will only have a short time to observe before the weather puts an end to it. I was also wondering if I should switch to a red dot or Telrad style finder to speed things up a bit. I find the 9 x 50 finder can
  8. Nice! When I get a chance to have a go at it, I will probably stick with just a 1.25" rack and Pinion or Crayford if I can find one at the right price, had a quick look earlier when it was quite in the office and most of them seem to cost a lot more than the scope. I currently only have one 2" eyepiece that came with my XT8g. I have a full set of BSTs plus all my filters are 1.25" as well, so no real point in going the 2" rout
  9. Brilliant!!! I have wreaked my head thinking of ways to improve the focuser on this scope but they all involved modifying the existing one never occurred to me to bypass it altogether like you have. Have you considered some sort of clamping device for the tube end of your struts, may help improve rigidity. Did you have any problems realigning the secondary?
  10. Hi , I have an Orion XT8g which is the goto version and the 2 star alignment is a bit different than the Intelliscope but I have read the manual for it and it is very important that the scope base is dead level and the vertical stop is correctly adjusted for the system to have any accuracy. How is your knowledge of the night sky, can you identify two bright stars to use for alignment that are on the controllers list of alignment stars, if not then you will need to get a good star atlas or planisphere and start to familiarise yourself the constellations and the brighter stars in them. Al
  11. +1 For the BST's, I have just got the full set ( or will do as the 18mm seems to have gone astray in the post ) and they work really well in my Orion XT8g. I suppose, depending on what you want to observe the most, will dictate what the most useful focal lengths and AFOVs eyepieces to get. If you are into DSO's, nebulas especially I would highly recommend a UHC filter as a handy piece of kit, I just got a Skywatcher 1.25" one a couple of days ago and finally got to try it out last night, and I was amazed. I have been trying to view the Owl Nebula since I got my first real scope, a Heritage 130
  12. Tuesday night gone I had some great views of Jupiter through my Xt8g for the first time and I tried to photograph it with my phone through the eyepiece but the results were pretty dismal, just getting to see it on the screen was a nightmare, so I done a bit of googling and found this device, the Carson Hook Upz Universal optics adaptor and it is available on Amazon.co.uk for £35 ( €44 ) plus postage. There are a couple of demo vids from the manufacturer and one review by a guy who was using it on a spotting scope while he was rifle shooting. I was wonering if anyone here had any experience wi
  13. Great idea, I just finished making a leveling base for my XT8G and considered putting castors on it but unfortunately there is an eight inch step down from my back door on to the patio where I set up so I'd end up lifting the scope out any way. Still would be very hand for moving it around inside the house, save the lower back and all.
  14. Right I downloaded the SynScan manual for version 3.36 and apparently Cone Error " CE" and Non Perpendicular Error "NPE " are really only relative to EQ mounts and have little or no effect on AZ mounts so if you go into "Set Up" "alignment" and scroll down to Cone error and set everything to zero and then into NPE and set that all to Zero that will stop the "Caution" notification coming up after "Alignment Successful "
  15. Ok, so it's nothing to worry about then. I only got the scope second hand about two weeks ago and updated the firmware to "3.36" as it was a fairly old version on it. I doesn't seem to effect the Goto accuracy which seems quite good considering the scope isn't always perfectly level ( need to build a leveling base for it ).
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