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  1. Flamin busy body neighbour - while I agree a green dome would have been a little less obtrusive, I do feel some people have too much time on their hands and complain about pretty much anything and everything!!

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  2. 1 hour ago, robin_astro said:

    The observation that really made me go "yes!" out loud though was, after weeks of planning, watching the ISS streak across in front of Jupiter in 2004.



    That truly is a Wow moment!! Incredible. Just thinking of the ultra narrow angle to nail that shot! I doff my hat to you sir!!

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  3. Hi all

    I’m sure those that live in or around Derby know about this, but a huge model of the moon is on display in Derby Cathedral. It must be 25 ft in diameter and looks very accurate! 

    Here are a few pics I took today. It is there until next week I think and is well worth a visit. Also outside the Cathedral is the famous Knife Angel sculpture. 







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  4. Hi Paul. That’s a great idea. We actually have some material left over from decorating our daughters room so will give it a go. The main issue I have is trying to find the fuzzies in the first place though my 30mm finder. Maybe a bigger 50mm would help?

  5. I went out the night before last to try and find M51 and M101 from my little patio. Failed totally. Had to settle for the Double Cluster and M45. I think I need to make a shield I can attach to that street light so I can use the main garden!

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  6. I own a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20x80's. I am pleased with them, but following a review I posted here on SGL, I found out they were nearer to 16x73. So I was a bit miffed really. If I buy a pair of 20x80's that is what I expect to get. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying using them, but each time I pick them up, I do feel a little cheated! I only paid £100 for them though . . . . . .

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  7. Hi and welcome to SGL. I'm still fairly new to the whole thing, but you will find this place to be a bastion of help and advise - I know I do!! Is your 200p the dob, or is it on an EQ mount?

    Good shout on attending an Astro club - I am doing the same thing tomorrow for the first time!


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  8. I know it’s not really adding to the discussion here but I remember lusting after the Meade SCT’s I saw in Astro mags when I was a kid! They seemed so advanced and also so out of reach! I have never had the chance to look through an SCT but hope too one day. The view of Jupiter through a 12” F10 must be amazing!! One day perhaps . . . .

  9. Hi and welcome to SGL!

    I think we could do with some more information. Where will you primarily be using the scope? At home or some place else? Is portability important etc. 

    A lot of bods here recommend a good 200mm dobsonian to begin with. Plenty of light gathering ability, nice and portable and set up nice and quickly. Plus it would leave some of your budget for some extras.

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  10. Hi Derek

    The Barlow has its own lens built in at the base. Mine unscrews so your mention of the Barlow not seeming to work made me think perhaps the lens is missing. I will take a pic when I get home later to show what I mean.

    I think using that camera may be tricky! I am just getting into fitting my own dslr to the 150pl and need to get a proper adapter. Hopefully someone will be along with experience of using such a camera on a scope!



  11. Hi Derek,

    I also have the SW 150-PL , so hopefully can answer at least some of your questions!

    The 10mm and 25mm eyepieces sound like the standard ones that come with the scope. The Barlow on mine works fine - the Barlow should have a lens screwed into the bottom of it. I find i spend most of my time with the 25mm in the focuser. I only use the 10mm and Barlow on planets or the moon. Just too much mag for anything else! I am hoping to upgrade the eyepieces at some point to some wider field of view jobs, but for now they will do me.

    Can't help you with the camera question I'm afraid, as not familiar with that camera or the attachment you mention - sorry!

  12. Sorry to hear you have been in the war's, but good news you are on the mend. Thats the good thing about the stars and planets - they will always be there waiting for us!! Good to hear from someone from my old neck of the woods as well! I live in Derby, but hale from Wroxham!

    All the best for the stitches etc coming out!!

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