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  1. 38 minutes ago, mattjanes100 said:

    Nice one Nige. I'm down in Cornwall at the Eden Project in a couple of weeks and likewise staying near Bodmin Moor - can't wait to get skies like these!

    Hi Matt. We did the Eden Project as well. It is amazing, and be prepared for a lot of walking! Depending on where you park, there is a park and ride bus service down to the main entrance. There are also lockers down near the bus stop at the entrance - so you can leave picnics etc in there rather than having to trek all the way back to the car like I did before finding them!! If you feel brave, try the zip line! At 660m long and about 50mph its the longest / fastest in England, and goes right over the top of the domes!!

    We stayed on Trevant Farm just out of Menheniot, and if the weather behaves you will get some amazing skies. I was impressed by the seeing - it was so steady when I was out observing. Enjoy, and may you have Clear Skies!



  2. Thanks for he replies!


    @Ronin – I have looked at the barn door tracker idea, and I am always amazed at something so simple can be so effective! I may well have a go at making on when I get my new shed! Currently don’t have an area inside where I can bang, drill and saw without upsetting my other half!!


    @Knights – you have some amazing shots on your website! I am really taken by the difference between a modded SLR and a standard one! The view you have taken of Orion shows this difference very well indeed! To think that’s all there, but unseen to the eye! The more I think about, the more I think that maybe I will leave getting  a scope for a while, and concentrate on WideField AP. I have seen a used modified Canon 100D for £199, and I already have the lens . . . . . . .

  3. Hi Steve,


    I  enjoyed your post – this hobby can be a money pit that’s for sure! It’s like painting the Forth Bridge – it’s never really finished!!


    I’m still in the setting up process, and am blogging on here about it – as much for me to look back on than anything else really. I look forward to your next post!





  4. 4 mins would be amazing!! If I could manage half that I'd be happy - as you say, the start of a slippery slope!! You have given me some valuable info here, so thanks very much.


    I am leaning more toward a Newt to be honest. I have previous with a 150mm Newt way back. I think you can pull more out of a 150 newt than, say, a 102 Frac. Plus the frac will have CA . . . .


    I live in Derby and when I get time I intend to visit the East Midlands Astro club over in Belper.


    Thanks for the link - will have a read!

  5. Hi Robp.


    Yes - I have a Canon 400D with EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 lens. And, no, I don't yet have motors for the EQ3. I think I see where you are going, and yes I had planned on doing some simple wide field shots with just the 400D on once I get a set of motors. Seen a set on ABS for about £40 which is not half bad!!


    I reckon with a decent polar alignment, and the 400D at about 20mm I could get a minute or slightly more unguided to stack. What do you think?

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