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  1. better make that at least 5 Ian
  2. Astrodevelopments do one , noticed on the site when I was ordering some rubylitho film for SGL6, not to sure but I think it was around the £50 mark. Ian
  3. Typical, 4 nights off and nothing but thick cloud and rain. Back to work tomorrow night for 4 nights, make the most of the clear nights guys, its bound to last until sunday when I'm off next, Ian
  4. I'ld get hammered twice as I work 12hr nights, actually look forward to seeing dawn at 4am during the summer, seems to make the shift shorter, light till 10 then light again by 4. winter arrive in darkness, go home in darkness, makes for a long shift. Ian
  5. I've got a 3.5mm Hyperion that I want to get rid of, looking for a 5mm Hyperion to replace it with. Regards Ian
  6. www.astrodevelopments.com They do sheets of rubylitho, and laptop screen kits for around £10. Ian
  7. Cheers Mike, should have read your post first before replying. Didn't think I'ld ordered food, got enough camping stoves to feed an army as it is. Look forward to meeting you all soon. Regards Ian
  8. Thanks very much Chris, though I don't recall ordering food, certainly didn't pay for it, I'll check. Ian
  9. Any ideas what program I need to open the Attendee's spreadsheet. I download it, open it and all I get is a page of random symbols and letters. Can't check if I'm on the list. HELLPPPP!!!! Many Thanks Ian C
  10. Welcome to SGL, I'm sure you'll have fun and find everyone more than helpful. Ian.
  11. Cheers Chris, we'll bring Jasmine & Loki then. Would enclose pics but haven't worked out how to yet... Ian
  12. Are we allowed to bring Dogs, and is if we are is there anybody else bringing along a 4 legged companion. Ian
  13. IanC11

    Hello,Im Dar

    Hello to you Dar, hope you have fun on this site. Ian
  14. Hi there, just noticed dweller25 is selling his 10" skywatcher dob for £295, you might be intrested. Ian
  15. Looks like I've missed it, if you have any left at the end let me know. Cheers IanC11
  16. Use your warm room as a kennel and get a very large dog.
  17. Hi there, I might be wrong on this but I think the 200p comes with eq5 mount but the 200pds gets a Heq5 mount, heavier duty. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. Regards Ian
  18. That's good news, holiday booked from work. Ian
  19. Hi there, anyoe know if the charges are different for sizes of tent, mines 8m X 7.5m, usually have to pay a bit extra when I book on other camp sites. regards Ian
  20. Yep happened to mine after 12 months, have used 'O' rings like everyone else has sugested. Ian
  21. Got one of these, easy as pie to fit, never looked back. Ian
  22. Hello and welcome to the group. As for grim up north, it ain't to clever down south either, thick cloud cover every night. ( unless I'm on shift, in which case the sky is as clear as a bell) lol. Ian
  23. Hey you guys ain't thinking BIG, have you all forgotten about that 50" dob that Orion are taking orders for ?. Ian
  24. Hi there Lindsay, and welcome to the biggest astro party on the web. Ian
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