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  1. That 50" was $137,000 plus delivery charge, and they wanted paying up front in full before they would even start work on making the mirror. Ian
  2. If you use the 24 hour clock then midnight is 00:00, can't get nearer to the start of the day than that..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that makes it am, MID day starts the pm cycle as it goes 11, 12, 13 ,14 etc. Hope that clears it up for you.... Ian
  3. I've just started using netweather.tv , some of its contents are subscription only, but it seems to be a fairly acurate site so far. Ian
  4. Take a look at astrobabe's site. Ian
  5. Oculars options do still exsist, you just use Alt+O for a drop down menu, eyepieces, sensors, scopes, etc. Ian
  6. We'll be there from the Tuesday if we're allowed to. Look forward to meeting up with you again Adrian, bring the kilt along this time... Ian & Family.....
  7. But have you arranged to have the house on the hill NUKED !!!!!!! Ian
  8. James ( jbm1165 ) had a 6inch f15 ( I think ) at SGL6 this year and that was over 2m in length, had it mounted on an EQ6 if I remember correctly. I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong. Ian
  9. try the Skywatcher website, they have all their manuals to download. www.skywatcher.com Ian
  10. you could try reading the polar scope alignment article on Astrobabe's site. It did it for me... Ian
  11. I've used it to rinse mirror after cleaning with warm soapy water, and I just pour it over neet, holding the mirror almost vertical, in a WELL ventilated room. Then stand carefully in a vertical position until all the IPA has evaporated. Ian
  12. its also repeated on BBC2 on Saturday around lunchtime. Ian
  13. I've got one of the skywatcher ones, adjustable brightness at the turn of a wheel and either red or white at the flick of a switch. Got mine free a year ago when I purchased something else but I think there avalible from most astro shops inc FLO Ian
  14. I've got one, lovely mount, not to heavy, very solid, easy to assemble ad take apart again, and only took me 15 minutes to fit the syscan upgrade kit. Ian
  15. I had a 6" reflector, binned it, wasn't worth even trying to sell on. Ian
  16. I'ld agree with NickK, they DO have a rubber eyecup that PEELS up. With the end cap on the eyecup is FOLDED back, usually quite tight. Took me a few weeks to realise there was an eyecup there at all. Ian
  17. Try adjusting the RATE ( button 2 ) the default setting is 2 ( 1 to 9 ) which IS very slow, I usually change it to 5 or higher then back to 2 to fine tune. Ian
  18. Hey, bad news if the METCHECK website is to be believed, 80 to 100% cloud cover for the whole of SGL6. Hope they've got it wrong. Ian
  19. I'm not Dave, but I think you'll find Altair Astro are the importer for the Skyshed Pod. Ian
  20. Tuesday lunchtime for me, option no shown on poll Ian
  21. Skywatcher changed their colour scheme from Blue with Black fittings to Diamond Black with white fittings in 2009. Ian
  22. malc-c, important note from bitter experiance. Don't forget CAN opener and CORKSCREW Ian
  23. if its a brand new tent your best practice is to erect it then hose it down for at least ten miutes, this allows for the nylon flysheet to expand very slightly, this fills the very tiny gaps created during the sewing process. You only have to do this the once. Ian
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