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  1. Hi Dave, I'm not a troll. I'm sorry i made you feel that way.
  2. It's great to see such an active forum, certainly didn't expect that. I went through each and every post and it made me realized how distorted my belief was. And im honestly sorry if i offended anyone. Thank you so much for all the advice. I think im going to start by learning star mapping with naked eye. A couple of months later i will buy a beginners telescope. If there's a better way to start, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. I've always been fascinated by the night sky. Eversince i can remeber, i used to go out in the night and just gaze deep into the infinite universe. As a huge night owl myself, i find extreme happiness just by being out in the night, sometimes it's just a walk in the street, staring at faintly lit skyscrapers, but nothing makes me happier than the night sky. I was involved in a couple of astronomy clubs as a kid but they weren't very active. I still remember this one observing camp i attended during school but i would give anything to go back, the ambiance that i experienced, nothing can come c
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