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  1. HOw on earth do yoy deal with it without putting a heat source on it? Its ruining my viewing pleasure. By the time I set up my scope and spend time on my XBOx360 waiting for the telescope to chill out, Its all covered in dew. With winter around the corner, its sure to be icicles!
  2. I have had 3 nights out now. Usually between 12am and 4am. Though I dont think I give my scope enough time to cool. I need a dew shield desperately though
  3. Success at last!! Firstly I got a good view of the moon..... Wow! I had no idea. After spending 2 hours in the cold and about to give up, I decided to use my binoculars and thats when it dawned on me.. Everything is reversed! now I aligned and was able to goto a few stars which whilst not impressive in itself give me some confidence that I will be able to see something. I stayed up all night waiting for Saturn to come into view and then...... the sky dissapeared.. totally forgot I live in Aberdeen. Well hopefully tonight will stay clear. Question: Is in possible to actually see a nebula through a telescope without having to resort to imaging? If so, which is the easiest to see?
  4. cheers guys. I have sent them another email and will switch night activities until I get all the bits for my telescope.
  5. My 8" LXD75 arrived with 1 of the counterweights missing, will this have an impact on my Autostar pointing at the wrong part of the skies? I am still waiting on Telescope house to deliver my missing items.
  6. Look on the bright side. You managed to point at something in the sky. I am at week 2 with my scope and it has been shooting blanks. I almost feel like all the stars are on vacation. Doesn't help that am new to the game either. I will be giving it until the end of the month and my telescope will probably appear on ebay or trade in for new kitesurfing gear. Don't give up. I loose interest too easily.
  7. Yeah. I'm beginning to think I should have gone for the C8 SGT XLT instead. or perhaps bought myself another kite
  8. No. Still cant figure out how to use Autostar on my telescope. I have failed consistently to point at any object using autostart. I have trained and aligned manually but as soon as I try the fancy gadget it goes off to point at an empty sky. I now await another clear night for another attempt.
  9. Wow. some day I will be proud to say I saw something in the night Skies
  10. The skies here are not too bad not the best but good enough I believe to see planetary objects. probably wont see any nubulae from here. Will find out when I get my new eyepiece and figure out how to make the telescope point at something other than my chimney.
  11. Still doing something wrong. I went trough the setup from scratch again yesterday afternoon and trained my Autostar and all seemed okay but at night, al hell breaks loose. the easy align asks me to centre on vega which i can clearly see but the scope is pointing miles off. even when I slew to Vega, the poor scope just keep shooting blanks. I am loosing fate in Meade at a very rapid rate now and very much regreting not buying a Sieben (much cheaper and wont feel bad about binning it ). Any thoughts on the Meade 8-24mm zoom eyepiece? and can you use it with a barlow?
  12. thanks for the tip. I think I will go with the BArlow and extra eyepiece. Will try again tonight to look for the showers. NIght sky is looking good again. What is the max practical magnification one can expect from an 8" SCT? PS: Cant send msg for some reason... astrophethean: I live in the Bridge of Don
  13. Great. thanks for the info guys! i found his celestron eyepiece set which includes a 2 x barlow. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Celestron-Telescope-Eyepiece-Filter-Kit-94303-NEW_W0QQitemZ120052581577QQihZ002QQcategoryZ3636QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Any thoughts or comparison to the Revelation set? Did anyone see Leonids shower last night? I had a beautiful clear skies and saw nothing all night. . I manage to manually point my telescope at Saturn but didn't see much with my 26mm
  14. Well just spent 2 hours of my wonderful life in what felt like -20C with my telescope and wasn't sure what it was pointing at for while. It eventually dawn on me that I was looking at the reflection off my tv arial! Well am all froozen up and hope I can see something tomorrow. Gee I thought it was easy with all the fancy gizmos............. WRONG!!!!!!!!! Is there a site where I can get advice on setting up the LXD75? it not as easy as I thought and living in Aberdeen is not very encouraging(am from the tropics). I Will read the manual and attempt setting it up again. Thanks for the advice on the REvelation. I think I will order them once I see a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended).
  15. I am new to the game and just bought an 8" LXD75 SCT with AutoStar. Great scope I think but not sure. I have the stock 26mm and thinking of buying a set of eyepieces. Obviously got a big dent in the bank account now so looking at cheap deals (Bad idea I know). I have come across the 'Revelation Eyepieces Set' which retails for £99. Is this a good set of optics or should I just wait another year and get the Meade 4000 set?
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