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  1. Hi All managed to get 80 minutes on these two the other night and I am still loving this one shot colour ZWO ASI533. wish I'd had it years back. anyway 40 x 2 mins, 80ED, ASI533MC Pro. stacked and Processed in pixinsight Hope you enjoy Mike
  2. Thank you all for the help Through clouds last night I found that the error was when PHD hasnt started, or had stopped guiding. so thats that one I have cut the dither to about 8-10 pixels and will see how that goes, but the clouds thickened Also found that the X2 barlow I have is Rubbish. so not a wasted night of clear sky to find all this out Thanks once again Mike
  3. Hi Martin I thought it seemed a bit high but there was a site with a formula on for matching your guide scope and imaging scope so maybe it 30 in the guide scope. Ill try it next clear night HaHA
  4. Hi All As far as I am aware I have set up both NINA and PHD2 correctly witht he right figures to dither about 20-30 pixels in the main image randomly. Everytime I try to set it on for a sequence I get a NINA error of PHD2 with error code 1 Anyone know that error as I cant find it in searches Clear skies all, except in the UK as Bonfire Night always buggers that up Mike
  5. Olly and Vlaiv This image is the 2 sets of 30x2min side by side. directly as saved from the camera in fits. NO processing NO alignment. I use Pixinsight totally at the moment and there is a tool in there called blinked that just lets you look through your pictures to make sure they are ok and then saves the ones you select to a folder to then work further. These images are not even debayered yet. I can see no trailing or anything which to me means my tracking works really well.!! unless I am missing something the walking noise would surely only be if your stars move in position on the image frame, which doesn't seem to be happening due to my guiding. The only thing here I would think is that between the 2 sets of 30 there is a positional difference and in fact there is. So does this mean I cant use these two sets together or is there a way to sort out the noise first. do I clip the background down or run a denoise first on maybe 4 stacks of 15 then stack those.
  6. Hi John That sounds fun to figure out(not). But if there a reason why it then wouldn't do it in 2 following exposures that night. Or is that because I moved the scope to look elsewhere and it settled better maybe. Hi Olly I cheated a little with this, just to try it. So stacked the final 1st 30 and 2nd 30 together, but as pixinsight needs more than 2 images to stack I doubled up but the result was the same as when I stack all 60 frames
  7. Yup restacking the 2 together gets that strange aligned noise??
  8. Hi Olly Sorry it was the diagonally aligned noise I was meaning. My fault I never am clear in my explanations. I have gone though the images again, looking closer and found a few that the guiding bumped on and I think that's the star artifact you have picked up on. Maybe the focus and temp moved too (electric focuser on order , the boss doesn't know about that yet) For more info on the images. I did them in 2 sets of 30, one after the other. The above image is when all stacked together I have just stacked 1st 30 and the 2nd 30 separately and they look fine. Maybe a bit of cloud crept in the first going to see what happens when I stack these 2. Mike
  9. Hi All So this is a zoomed image from my shot of the Cocoon nebula the other night and is from a ZWO ASI533 on a SW 80ED pro. I got about 60 2 minute images. pre-processed and stacked in Pixinsight. The stars are points so the guiding was fine. It seems to be background noise. However, 2 other objects imaged the same night dont have this issue and are fine. Thanks for looking Mike
  10. Hi All So it cleared up last night and I got nearly 3 hours of useful data on M33. Most surprised for the UK weather at the moment just finished initial processing. might try tease a bit more out later, but I have other nights data on M3 that I want to incorporate as well. Any comments welcome as always. Thanks for looking
  11. Nice image, what was the equipment to get that.
  12. Thanks Olly, That means a lot to me., and yes the scripts make it a lot easier while I get to grips with Pixinsight.
  13. Hi All So after all the help I got with the Iris Nebula. I thought I would revisit my Tulip Nebula. Also the EZ processing scripts are magic. 85 x 2 min Subs. over 2 or 3 nights, separated by a month, flipping weather Thanks for looking Mike
  14. So here is my rework with a few hints and tips from City9Town0. But also from all o f your comments. Much thanks maybe I was being to gentle with my colour stretching. hopefully this is better
  15. Just what I was thinking Gorann. Here you all go. That's beautiful Peter NGC7023_IrisNebula_60x2m_unstretched.fit
  16. Hi All yes the ZWO ASI533MC Pro is a OSC, the only filter is the Optilon L-Pro. this comes out very green so I then linear fit the RGB to Red as the lowest Median, from a video I was watching to work it. Hi John I tried to increase the saturation but it started to come out more pink/purple that anything else and I didnt like it so didnt apply it. couldnt get any colour out of the clouds, maybe need more Subs Hi Gorann process was Blinked then calibrated then cosmetic correction then Debayered. then mesured and aligned before stacking/integration Is that wrong somewhere
  17. Hi Long time since Ive posted but thought I'd see what you guys think of this. SW ED80DS with ASI533Pro, 60 2 minute subs, dark, flat, bias done. Then processed with Pixinsight trial to see if I like it. talk about learning curve... I wanted the dark a bit darker but the detail starts to go too. Thanks for looking Myk
  18. Hi Chris Thanks for the vote of confidence on the L-Pro. Its totally well placed. Think I was jumping the gun a bit. The images I was looking at were the ones showing as preview in APT. As I took them. Once I have them De-bayered in a image processing app they look fine. Must be the way APT changes them on the fly maybe that adds too much blue. Just taken some flats and they were cyan on the preview and off white in the other app. Cheers and I hope this is helpful to anyone else that thinks this is sort of thing is something wrong Clear skys all Mike
  19. Hi All So really excited to get my hands on a good!! OSC. But I seem to have a blue green cast to the images. havent had chance to remove the L-pro filter so dont know if its this or the camera. Anyone got experience with the filter or the camera. I havent read anything about this with the camera. Cheers for looking and clear skys Mike
  20. Hi I've seen on cloudynights.com about a program called MoonDance clear sky detection. link to the original thread - https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/300432-clear-sky-detection/?p=4039768 Unfortunately it was stored on a Yahoo forum which is not closed. Does anyone know where there is a copy of it or if they moved to a different server like GitHub or something. I realise this is a long shot as we are talking 2010 for the original post but its worth a try. Cheers All Mike
  21. thanks for the assist guys. I did wounder if it was the cables however for now I think Im sorted. I uninstalled and reinstalled the atik software and drivers and it all worked first time. maybe something to do with installing MS teams and citrix for work. Thank you again for replying, I am currently on an hour and a half of exposures. Clear sky's to you all. Although I think we're all stuffed in the UK after tomorrow
  22. Hi Been out of this for a while due to life, and on setting up my PC I find the drivers are old for these cameras. Fine i spoke to Atik and they pointed me right. So i have/had them set up and working. But every now and then I get 'camera' (not available).? They show in device manager and if they are not attached then the Atik connection app just says none. Does anyone know why or what I can do as this stopped the clear sky last night, slightly frustrated to say the least. I have them into 2 USB2 ports, tried in a hub but their not happy with that at all. Running windows 7 as they really dont like 10. any ideas or help apreciated Mike
  23. Thanks for the reply guys. Ill look into it
  24. Hi, Ive changed my sett up round and now am having issues with guiding well enough to image with my C8. Simple question, what guide scope and camera are people using for this kind of focal length thanks for looking. Mike
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