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  1. Here is a short video of my roof opening 20191016_170913.mp4
  2. Got my cladding all on now, the roof is boarded and waiting for the roofing felt, thats getting done later today. I have fixed latches to lock down the roof. The pier is almost finished it just needs painted. The brake disc adapter is connected and level and works perfectly. I still have the door and some flooring to sort out. The skies were clear last night and I couldnt resist try it out. So connected my mount and telescope and everything worked like a dream. Cant wait to finish it and start enjoying it.
  3. I ordered the shiplap cladding today, ive gone for a redwood tanatoned (whatever that means). The main reason I chose that was its the only one my local timber merchant had in stock! It looks good though so im happy, more importantly my other half is happy with it. Its getting delivered in the morning so the plan is to start that tomorrow after work.
  4. Like Kev M says with it being a roll off roof im hoping that will be enough ventilation.
  5. I havent updated this thread for a little while but I have been busy in between the bad weather and other commitments. I put up the frame and dampproofed it. The block pier is all bolted and grip filled together. Thanks to James i managed to get the correct brake discs to make the pier adapter, Corsa brake discs work great for the Heq5. Just need to bolt it to pier now. I purchased rails and wheels from FH Brundles and the rails are on the frame. I have made a frame for my roof and it works great, sliding on and off with no problems now. Had to make a couple of slight adjustments a
  6. Yes this will work fine, I have the SW 72ED and this flattener and it works perfect.
  7. Couldnt do much yesterday because of the weather but got a little bit done today after work. I levelled the paving slabs and put down some weed control fabric, need another couple of bags of gravel to cover it though. I put the other 2 blocks onto the pier just to get an idea of the final height, they are not fixed together yet, thats tomorrows job if the weather plays ball.
  8. Thanks James ill check that out when I get home.
  9. Im thinking of using brake discs for the pier adapter but im not sure which ones to use. Ive tried searching for some info but can only seem to find old threads from years ago. Does anyone have any idea which discs I would need to use with an HEQ5 mount?
  10. I have decided to build an observatory in my garden, its a small garden so will need to be a small build so as to leave enough space for the kids to play when the weather allows. The observatory will be 5' x 5' just for the scope no warm room. I havent decided between a roll off roof or a flip open roof yet. Im also looking to keep the costs as low as possible so I have decided to build a block pier. I have started the base for the peir, the hole is 400mm x 400mm and the first block is in place. I plan on putting another 2 blocks on top of that.
  11. I recently purchased the Altair astro gpcam3 224c. I used the camera for the first time on sunday night to take some video of the moon. The problem I'm having is processing the videos, I have tried Autostakert2 and register but neither seem to recognise the files. The videos are mp4 files, I have tried converting them to avis but that still didn't work. Im sure I'm missing something simple but got just can't figure it out! Please help
  12. Well the extender arrived this morning and unfortunately doesn't appear to work with the telescope. I have the extender attached the camera and then my T ring onto the extender. The camera switches on, I can focus the camera but when I take a picture I get an error code and a message telling me to check the lens contacts. Looks like Ill just be using it with lenses.
  13. The 2x extender should be delivered tomorrow so i will try it out and let you all know if it works. If it doesnt work nothings lost because I didnt buy it for use with the telescope, just thought it would be handy if it does. Stephen
  14. This maybe a silly question but I have ordered a Canon 2x extender to use with my lenses for daytime photography and I was wondering if I use it with my telescope will it double the focal length just the same as if it were used on a lens? Stephen.
  15. How does the lighter socket adapter connect to the leisure battery though? Would I not be better using this https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/royal-cigar-croc-adaptor-p100627 and then connecting the Lynx astro cable to that? Stephen
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