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  1. I recently purchased the Altair astro gpcam3 224c. I used the camera for the first time on sunday night to take some video of the moon. The problem I'm having is processing the videos, I have tried Autostakert2 and register but neither seem to recognise the files. The videos are mp4 files, I have tried converting them to avis but that still didn't work. Im sure I'm missing something simple but got just can't figure it out! Please help
  2. Well the extender arrived this morning and unfortunately doesn't appear to work with the telescope. I have the extender attached the camera and then my T ring onto the extender. The camera switches on, I can focus the camera but when I take a picture I get an error code and a message telling me to check the lens contacts. Looks like Ill just be using it with lenses.
  3. The 2x extender should be delivered tomorrow so i will try it out and let you all know if it works. If it doesnt work nothings lost because I didnt buy it for use with the telescope, just thought it would be handy if it does. Stephen
  4. This maybe a silly question but I have ordered a Canon 2x extender to use with my lenses for daytime photography and I was wondering if I use it with my telescope will it double the focal length just the same as if it were used on a lens? Stephen.
  5. How does the lighter socket adapter connect to the leisure battery though? Would I not be better using this https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/royal-cigar-croc-adaptor-p100627 and then connecting the Lynx astro cable to that? Stephen
  6. Im looking to buy a leisure battery to power my Heq5 mount and other little bits and pieces of equipment for imaging. Will this battery be up to the job https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/platinum-lb6110l-100ah-leisure-battery-p342329? And this may be a stupid question but how do I connect the mount to it? Ive been looking online but getting a bit confused about what I need. Thanks for any help, Stephen.
  7. The sale must be finished its listed at £799 now
  8. Hi, I'm about to upgrade my mount from a skywatcher eq3 pro to either the HEq5 or advanced vx. They are similar in price both being just under the £800 mark, but I was wondering if anyone who has used either mount would care to share some positive or negative thoughts to help me make my decision. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I figured that would be the answer as I've looked everywhere and could only find the dedicated scopes. But I think the wife might file for divorce If I buy one of those! I'll just have to make do with the white light.
  10. I have a skywatcher Explorer 150p is it possible to get an H A filter for my scope, I've looked and can't seem to find any. I would like to try the white light and H A if it's possible and affordable?
  11. Hi, I'm hoping to catch the transit of Mercury if the weather plays ball. I have purchased a solar filter for my scope but I'm unsure which camera to use. I have a Canon 750d and a nex image 5 which one would be best?
  12. Thanks guys, I struggle to take subs at much more than 30 or 40 seconds as I dont have any guiding. Thats the next thing on my very long list of additions to my equipment. At the moment just trying to get the most out of what I have. Im trying to get to grips with the processing of the images which is the bit I have the most trouble with. But I am very pleased with the results of this one.
  13. Hi, this was taken on Tuesday night. This was my first decent attempt at it, the first two attempts earlier in the month turned out very poor. It was taken using a skywatcher 150p on an EQ3 synscan and an astromodified canon 750d. This is 120 lights at 30 seconds at iso 800, 20 darks and 20 bias then stacked using deep sky stacker.
  14. Thanks John, ill check out the celestron tripod.
  15. Hi, I have a skywatcher 150p on an EQ3 mount. The tripod is aluminium and isnt very steady, the slightest breeze and it wobbles around like jelly. My question is if I bought a steel tripod for an EQ6 mount would my EQ3 fit on it?
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