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  1. Current setup: Orion Skyquest XT8 - 8"(200mm) Dobsonian, 1200mm FL, F6 - 25mm 1.25" EP, 3x Barlow 1.25" So this scope comes with a native housing for 2" EPs, but came with an adapter to 1.25" and the 25mm EP mentioned above. I want to grab something with a wider field of view, as manual tracking especially at the highest magnification I have now (144x with the Barlow) is a pain with the narrower view. I can view planets well enough with what I have now, I haven't really been able to see any DSO. Not for lack of trying, part of it is my star hopping ability sucks and the other part is possibly light pollution but it's not too shabby where I'm at. So any ways, I'm looking for some new 2" EPs and here's what I'm looking for, can someone recommend? - wider field of view than what I have now (I assume that's a given going from 1.25" to 2" but still) - I have $300 to spend - I want something that would be better for DSO over planets. - I'm not sure what focal length EP to go for based on the above. - Will the 2" EPs view DSO better than 1.25" in the same lighting conditions?
  2. Here's one from tonight, seeing wasn't quite a good as the other night, but still pretty good. This image is from stacking about a 1 minute video (all I could manage for keeping Saturn in the scope before having to move lol). Any ways, I used Autostakkert to convert from .mov to .AVI, castrator to center the video, and registrax to stack em. I just used all the default settings. All I did was increase the contrast a bit after it was stacked. I think I can just barrrrrrrrrrrrrrely make out the Cassini division, I dunno maybe I'm making it up lol. Final-Stacked.bmp
  3. Haha, sorry for the addition of yet another first Saturn pic thread. But this is my first decent go at prime focus and the scope/mount I have definitely isn't optimal for this haha. Any ways, my scope an Orion 8" Dobsonian (I think the model is XT), with a 3x Barlow lens, and the camera I used is a Nikon D3300 (with t-ring adapter of course). This is just a single frame with no post processing whatsoever. That's the part I still have to learn.... I tried stacking some other photos in lightroom and with DeepSkyStacker but it didn't seem to make any difference. I think that's because I don't know how to use those apps yet though lol. Next time I'll have to use the video function on the camera and take some video and stack those frames using whatever that app is to stack the individual frames and see how that works. It's amazing how damn fast Saturn tracks across the view of the eye piece at only 144x magnification. I've gotten pretty good at nudging my scope over to keep it in frame though lol.
  4. Okay after doing some more research and taking some other low light pictures I've found a couple of things. I turned active D lighting off and that seemed to help a little bit. But I also noticed that if the shutter speed is too fast to pickup enough light for a picture with some kind of color or I'm taking a picture of something basically without a lot of color (ie a black sky lol) I'm going to get that noise. I believe most of that is due to hot pixels that would be processed out by processing with darks and/or layering with darks manually (which I'll probably leave up to the apps that do this haha). Any ways, here's a pic of my backyard way after sunset last night, looked way darker in person. ISO only 200, 15 sec exposure, F/5.
  5. Ah no worries, I googled it, I understand now That pic of the sun is amazing!
  6. Only 30 mins total of Subs (1 x 30m, 2 x 15m, 15 x 2m, 30 x 1m, you get the idea...),(Be Honest) Unlimited dark's, flats, bias etc. Sorry I'm a total nub here but what are "flats, baisis, etc."? I get the part about exposure time but I have no idea what the second part references, is that having to do with post processing?
  7. Just for some perspective I guess, here's one of the last night images after just using the "Auto tone" function in lightroom 3. Seemed to remove a bit of the noise. But I'm curious how much better would this image look if the raw wasn't so noisy?
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna take it into a Shutterbug shop and have them take a look at it. I wouldn't mind having a new camera but don't really want to spend the money if there's nothing wrong with my camera.
  9. according to sir google there are no firmware upgrades to the D60. People online were reporting seeing a version 1.01 in some cameras but the website doesn't have anything listed for D60 for firmware, only the D40 and D70 lol.
  10. For the focus, the first three pics are definitely out of focus, I got a little better by focusing on some light in the distance and I think the pic in my second post looks more focused. Any ways, the daytime photos look just fine that's why I'm so confused. I'll look into upgrading the firmware.
  11. scratch that, I'm posting the converted JPEG, these were converted from the RAW files that I had shot on the camera so I could post them here. But they looked the same in the raw viewer too.
  12. I'm not sure why it says JPEG but these files are in the NEF format (RAW). It's the Nikon D60 which is about 8 years old. I should also note that it has been dropped once, fortunately it landed on the end of the attached lens which had a filter screwed in, it broke the glass in the fitler but the lens was okay. Could something else have been jarred loose during that drop to cause this?
  13. Okay guys, so after doing some more reading I figured I'd do some more testing and bump the ISO down since I'm doing long exposures (well relatively I guess). So last night I did it at 200 and tonight at 100. But I'm still getting the same graininess no matter what ISO I use it seems like. Here is what I think the best pic from tonight is with accompanying EXIF info Camera: Nikon D60 Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Shot at 24 mm Exposure: Manual exposure, 30 sec, f/5, ISO 100 Flash: none Focus: Manual, Center, at 3.4m, with a depth of field of about 5.8m, (from about1.2m before the focus point to about 4.6m after) AF Area Mode: Single Area Date: May 9, 2015 10:26:48PM (timezone not specified) (11 minutes, 55 seconds ago, assuming image timezone of 8 hours behind GMT) Time Zone Offset: -08:00 File: 3,900 × 2,613 JPEG (10.2 megapixels) 4,593,184 bytes (4.4 megabytes)
  14. Awesome post! Definitely helped to level set my expectations for what I need to do in order to see any DSO.
  15. srsly me too. I keep going outside and trying to find M31 because it seems such an easy target to find and coming up empty. The sky in my area is so damn bright it's really hard to see much of anything. I guess I was expecting it to be much brighter and easier to see.
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