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  1. Here is my offering for the Veil Nebula. I plan on making it bi-colour and have started adding the Oiii from last night. Total of 5hrs in each panel. C/Cs welcomed as always. Steve http://astrob.in/305268/0/
  2. I went for option 1. What a difference Sara! I never really use PS so i had to do a quick google. Thank you for the advice, i feel much better about this image now.
  3. No i haven't Sara. Would that be using the HA s the lum?
  4. I've added another 40 hours of O3 to the 60 hr HA mosaic. The colours have not come out as I expected and I am having issues with what i think is a gradient in the O3 data, leaving a blueish cast to the background of the image. I don't know whether to up the O3 data to match the HA and start again or retake the O3 entirely. Any help would be appreciated. Hi res link - http://astrob.in/304503/0/ Update - please see revision below at bottom of post with new link to hi-res. Thanks Sara!!! http://astrob.in/304511/0/
  5. I haven't yet used any SII but I really like your 1st image. Lovely colours, makes we want to ask the wife for a new filter!!
  6. Thank you Sara, from you that is praise indeed. If I was to go down the colour route, would I need to match the amount of Ha data ( I've always done this in the past).
  7. I'm thinking about it Martin but I'm not sure if I'll just prefer the image in HA only.
  8. Finished my first complete mosaic. 6 panels in total with 10hrs on each. Processed minimally on PI with a bit of noise reduction and star removal. I'm really pleased with the end result, Comments and criticism welcomed as always. Hope you like it. The link to the hi res is below. http://astrob.in/303090/0/
  9. This is my first ever mosaic attempt. I had issues with camera angle so the framing was out and I had to add another 2 panes to compensate. This image is only 1 jpeg in each of the 6 panels stitched together in MICE with no processing other than a quick stretch - just an experiment. I am currently collecting data for 10hrs in each panel. 1200s exposures in HA. Hope you like it. http://astrob.in/302222/0/ - link to full image
  10. Yep, you're right. How does this look?
  11. Much happier with this version. Went back to following Mr Keller's book and it's turned out, in my opinion, much more pleasing. I have reduced the star field and the nebulosity has its red back. Comments are welcomed as always. Steve
  12. This is my final image of NGC6888. I upped the hours to 17 in HA and 19 in Oiii and processed slightly differently in PI. Comments and criticism welcomed as always. Steve
  13. I've found out how to reduce start sizes so i have been playing around with it in morphological transformation. I prefer this version and the colours too but the process is taking some getting used to. So here is my final final (maybe) version of The Crescent Nebula. http://astrob.in/297253/0/
  14. This is my final version of the Crescent. Total of 10 hrs in HA and 10 in O3. Processed in PI an dblended in Pixelmaths. Hope you like it. Comments and criticisms welcomed as always. Steve
  15. So i thought i would do a quick process of the 3 hrs of oiii I had. No cal frames yet as i plan to add at least another 7 hrs when the weather improves.
  16. Thank you guys. I'm overwhelmed by the positive feedback. ?
  17. Typically, even here in Cyprus, the clouds have rolled in!
  18. Really pleased with this so far. 10 Hrs in HA with the Moravian. Processed in PI with Mr Keller's help. I changed the orientation after seeing Allinthehead's image earlier which i really like. I am going to start adding Oiii data tonight. Hope you like it, c & c welcomed as always. Steve www.stevesastro.weebly.com
  19. No, it's my bad use of deconvolution or one of the multi scale transformation tools that I'm not very good at yet!
  20. Ha ha, no. It's because I linked it to my website and I messed up the link!!! Here's the full copy.
  21. Thought I'd share this just because I'm pleased I got my elongated star issue sorted (separate thread). Took a few 10min L subs in 1/2 moon just to test so I thought I'd mix it with some other RGB data I had from last month. It's an improvement over my last attempt as I've tried to use masks more which definitely helped the background. Hope you like it, c/c welcome as always http://stevesastro.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/4/0/104028792/m81v4.jpg
  22. Well I fixed it. Turned out I had cross threaded the lens when i screwed it back on after cleaning. Expensive mistake after buying the Moonlite. Still, my wife doesn't know yet! Thanks for all your help, just lad it wasn't anything more sinister, Steve
  23. No it's a new moon lite. The problem was there and worse when the stock focuser was in though and my spacing was way out.
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