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  1. Hi all, I have a Moravian G2-8300 which I love. When I bought it, I got it with the internal FW which only holds 5 filters. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by having to change the filters out when I do NB (retaking flats) etc. Ideally I would like a bigger FW to hols all the filters but after speaking to Moravian, it is not possible to backwards engineer the camera to do this. I am tempted to buy a OSC (ZWO ASI294 PRo) to do away with RGB filters altogether and keep the Moravian solely for NB. This seems like an expensive option though? Another option could be to sell the Moravian and buy another camera with external FW to hold all the filters but I'm not sure what I would buy to compare to the G2-8300. I'm also concerned about losing quality with a OSC. MY wife has said just buy the other camera but I was hoping for seem advice before I take the plunge or if anyone has a better solution? Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. Hi, thanks for the tips. I do use HDR but the core needs shorter exposures as well, all the levels made it look a bit odd. I corrected the magenta with a slight curves reduction in red which also helped enhance the blue stars on the fringe. I’m go to reprocess the whole thing when the other panels are completed anyway so I’ve got a few more things to try. ??
  3. Having had a look again, there is too much magenta. I’ve also started another two panels for a mosaic to extend the sides of the galaxy. Hopefully no horrible colour gradients this time! ?
  4. Thanks for the comments I know what you mean about the gradient. I think it’s to do with the file type as it doesn’t exist in Pixinsight as an xsif file but it’s really obvious in this version ? I wasn’t too sure about the stretching either but if I’d got the whole galaxy i think this level of stretching would have been acceptable as the outer fringes would have been more apparent, especially against the background. Might have to add the extra panels to see ?
  5. HI, ED80 with reducer, Moravian G2-8300, BAADER filters. ZWOASI120MC as guider. My flats consisted of 25 frames each, about 100 darks (not sure, they were taken a while ago) and a super bias.
  6. It's been a while since I imaged Andromeda so thought I'd have another go. This is 9hrs of Lum and 9hrs combined RGB. Processed in PI. I'm not sure whether to go back and add some shorter exposures to get the core and some HA or maybe extend the framing with a couple of panels? Last time I tried to mosaic this I couldn't get the panels matched without horrible colour gradients on the seams. Hope you like it, comments and criticisms welcomed as always. Steve
  7. Thanks Ragnar, I'll have a look at that.
  8. This proved to be trickier than I thought - I wanted to combine the NB with RGB to give a nice starfield. Processing was hard on stretching it kept getting blown out so I instead added the O3 and Ha data to the RGB version in the corresponding red, green and blue channels. This has resulted in a loss of some of the blueness that you might normally expect but I have managed to bring back some of the detail so maybe a happy medium. I'm pleased with the stars. Again, combining RGB with 2 lots of NB isn't as easy as it sounds. I ended up removing the stars from the NB version using an action in PS and pasting the RGB on top before adding the layers to enhance the final image. There must be an easier way......... comments welcomed as always. https://astrob.in/365429/0/
  9. This is my take on the Bubble. I'm really just starting out with SHO palettes so its a bit of a curve. This represents 10hrs each or 1200s in Ha, Sii and Oiii. Stacked in PI and noise reduction and DBE as well. Then combined in PS using Ron's actions (Sara's information from an old post) once the shots were non-linear rather than linear. Followed by "Selective Colour" to bring the colours to the more classic yellow and green. Finally cropped. Just for info, I've attached the original widefield image too. Hope you like it. Bubble Nebula
  10. Hi, I found a script online which basically involves dropping the process icon onto the image and it's done. I can send you it if you like?
  11. IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk. This is 1200s x 18 each of Ha, Sii and Oiii taken just before I went on holiday. Stacked in PI. Usual background modelisation and cropping then combined channels using Pixel Maths with Sii - Red, Ha - Green and Oiii - Blue. Noise reduction, LHE and then I reduced the starfield with morphological transformation. Colour calibration and finally SCNR. Then over to PS - combined the Ha as a Lum channel then final contrast enhancement. Last stage was adjustment of the magenta stars using a process I discovered today. Hope you like it. https://astrob.in/362254/0/
  12. This is an updated version of my first proper attempt at the Hubble palette with a bit more time taken in processing. 18 x 1200s in each of Ha, Oiii and Sii. Combined in PI with some touches in PS too. Hope you like it. https://astrob.in/359882/B/
  13. Here's a quick (ish) go at a Hubble palette of the Broom. Very quick as I’m off on holiday and I wanted to get something before I went so excuse the framing and lack of noise reduction, sharpening etc. Combination of Sii, Ha and Oii mapped to RGB in PI in that order. Colour calibration, SCNR in PI and the Ha channel added as Lum in PS. The data i collected was not great due to the moon last night so I may come back to this but as a first go I'm pretty pleased with the effect. https://astrob.in/358266/0/
  14. Hi, I’m thinking of altering my pier and using one of these adapters. Can anyone tell me what kind of bolt or fitting is used to attach the EQ6 head to the pier adapter?
  15. Hmmm, the split screen seems to fit the bill. I cant find if that is just the USB 2.0 model issue or if upgrading to 3.0 would fix it?
  16. So the guiding is working now, both in ST-4 or pulse. I now cant seem to hold a guide star for any length of time though and I have NEVER had this issue before. I've been successfully using PHD for 2 years and its always been great. I calibrate it guides, I get one or two subs then I'm either getting low SNR message when the star is clearly visible or it's just simply lost. I really am geting frustrated. The new laptop is Windows 10 with USB 3, my camera is the old USB 2 so I updated the firmware. I've attached a guide log if anyone can have a look for me please? Steve PHD2_GuideLog_2018-06-19_205605.txt
  17. Not that I'm aware of. But at least the guiding is back. Now just have to wait for a clear night which in Cyprus is usually every night - just not this year!
  18. So pulse guiding worked fine. Who knows......
  19. Yes, I don't really understand why pulse guiding isn't working either??? I did all the usual internet searches and guides but the mount never moves at all. Any ideas? Thanks Michael, I have a new cable coming. Everything is identical in my set up but with only S not moving it does look more like the cable. Ill run a voltmeter on it later. Thanks
  20. So I got a replacement borrowed from a friend but it is not had .4 pins not the six that the st-4 has. Replicated issue tonight, perfect calibration on N W and E but no movement in S and none in manual guide either. Hoping it is the cable but if anyone has any other ideas.....
  21. Thanks, I'm not using a gamepad but I will try that tonight. Hi, I've never had more than 2 steps backlash during calibration so I doubt it's that but the cable could be an issue. Do you think if it's faulty that could affect movement in only one direction?
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