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  1. Hi again, Ive run the images from last night through Astrostakk and when I open them in Registax to play with the wavelets, the image is an awful lot brighter. Is this just because the stacking is better?
  2. Thanks guys. Actually , they're both processed but I prefer the second one too. These were on the SPC 900. I did 3 minutes at 10fps then put them through PIPP, processed in Registax although I'm still not sure 100% what I'm doing, I just keep playing until I like the result. The scope is a Skywatcher 200P. Steve
  3. Here are my first goes at Saturn. All comments and advice appreciated. Steve
  4. Is it wrong that I'm excited about capturing the spot for the first time?
  5. Thanks again. Don't think I can justify the extra outlay for the HEQ5 mount. Being in Cyprus too it's not as easy to get things shipped from the UK as I'd like. I think ill have a few nights just hunting to see how long I'm spending and then decide from there.
  6. Thanks guys, I see the handsets on Astroboot. If I bought that, I assume id need motors and the cables? Would it be compatible with the RA and DEC motors that I already have?
  7. HI guys, after some advice please. I'm really getting into my photography now so I'm giving serious consideration into buying a Syncscan so I can spend less time hunting at night. I have a Skywatcher 200P on the EQ5 mount at the moment. Would this be a good move? Any advice appreciated. Steve
  8. Thanks guys. Michael, it's a Skywatcher 200P with an SPC 900 camera.
  9. Changed a few settings but only with a 2X Barlow. I'm happy with it though. I also seem to have managed to post the picture correctly!!!
  10. Thanks, ill make sure I change the format next time.
  11. I still don't seem to be able to just add the shot without others having to download it first? Can someone help???
  12. I tried stacking 2, 2 X Barlows after a thread on here suggested it. I'm pleased with the results. Didn't get many frames so there's only about 300 in the final image.
  13. Meryck, thanks for that. I didn't realise you could stack Barlows. Think I may have to try a 3 X. Rich, I'll try that next time. Anything I should be setting differently on Sharpcap or Registax? Steve
  14. These are my 1st goes through my new 200P on the EQ5. SPC 900 and I had a go with PIPP. Processed through Registrar though I'm not convinced I know what I'm doing! Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated. Venus.bmp
  15. Thanks for the replies. The mount is an EQ5. I've had a few goes with the webcam already which I really enjoyed. I'd like to get a full shot of the moon now. I'll post my attempts when the camera gets here.
  16. So, I've just taken delivery of a Skywatcher 200P and waiting on an EOS 1000 to arrive. I'd like to image something not too hard as a first target just to get an idea. What would you recommends? This is my first time with a DSLR. Thanks, Steve
  17. Hi, I'm at the same stage as you. This shot was taken through my Skywatcher 150P. 1500 frames manually tracked and stacked. I have just got my 200P and I'm waiting for the EQ5 to arrive. I've also just ordered a Canon EOS 1000D so hopefully my images will improve! JUpiter.bmp
  18. Hi, I thought I'd share my very first efforts. I'm using an SPC 880 webcams odded to a 900. I have a Skywatcher 150P on an EQ3-2 mount although I have a 200P on its way. I'd appreciate any comments. Not sure how to post multiple images so I'll put my moon shots in another post. Thanks, Steve JUpiter.bmp
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