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  1. One of my favourite targets each year. Went for a subtler approach to my last attempt where I felt the stars went quite technicolour. Happy with the NR in the background using John Rista's method and a slight de-emphasis on the stars with Adam Block's very clever method. 6 hours in L and 2 in each of RGB, processed minimally in PI - all shot from my back garden in Cyprus. Hope you like it - all criticisms and comments welcomed as always.



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  2. The Iris Nebula. 18 hours in total over several nights. Processing in PI. I used John Rista's NR techniques and applied some slight deconvolution. I also de-emphasised the stars using the method detailed by Adam Block. I processed the nebula separately using Starnet in PI an deliberately didn't over saturate the stars. Finally I went back and slightly darkened the background. Hope you like it, comments and criticism welcomed.




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  3. I'm looking for some advice. I have never successfully created a mosaic of M31 that I am happy with. For some reason I can never quite match the intensity or the colours across the panels which you can see from the image below ( the Lum is usually ok). I'm not so worried about the seams as I know I can sort that but I do need help with the rest please.  This year I made sure to take each filter on the same night. there is approx 1.5 hours of 300s in each RGB panel (x4) although i lost a when sifting them, and the Lum has 3hours in each panel My work flow is:

    1. PI - Crop the edges

    2. DBE each panel

    3. Transfer to APP for mosaic construction - repeat for all RGB

    4. DBE agan in PI

    5. Register

    6. Combine, background neutralisation, colour calibration

    7. Noise reduction

    8. Linear fit 

    9. Stretch

    Any advice would be appreciated - I've included both the stars and starless versions.






  4. Hi, I'd like to sell this as it is not being used. It needs new bearings so will need to be bought by someone with some technical know how (I have none unfortunately 😀). Open to reasonable offers (maybe around £200?) bearing in mind the original cost of the focuser (taking into account repairs etc). I use a Focus Cube now so it is completely surplus to requirements.




  5. Hi, I am selling my Moravian. It is around 3 years old but performs flawlessly. It went back to Moravian for a sensor clean and maintenance last year so is working as new. It has a built in 5 pos filter wheel and comes with all original documentation and carry case. This s a great camera but I am looking to get into the world of OSC now otherwise I would not be selling it. I'm looking for around £1500.

    Pictures show the camera currently attached to my Esprit 100 in my observatory. Recent images can be viewed on my Astrobin page. Thanks for looking.







  6. This is a combination of 300s and 30s subs, combined using layer masks in PS. 300s - 72 L, 24 each in RGB, 30s - 160 L, 50 each in RGB. Processed in PI. Hope you like it, comments welcomed as always.




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  7. Hi, nowhere near the standard in the recent post but here's my take on 101. As per the post below, I've opted to keep the blues muted but I couldn't get the galaxy back to the brightness i thought was appropriate after doing HDR multi scale to bring out the core, any tips? 6 hours in L, 2 each of RGB processed in PI. Thanks for looking.




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  8. This is my take on the two galaxies. Total of 20 hours, 10 in L and 3 each in RGB. I was really pleased to see the IFN do I've opted to leave in some noise so as not to damage it too much. I always find this a tricky target to get right when it comes to the core and easy to oversharpen and leave too grainy looking but I'm fairly pleased with the end result. I am wondering whether to go and gather some more data to bring out the IFN more - if you've seen Sara's shot you'll know what I mean! Comments welcomed as always.




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  9. Here's my latest take on M51. Typical issue of not knowing when to stop and never being happy with the image..... I finally decided on this one with a slightly more muted colour scheme than previous my attempts. I struggled a lot with the background, probably due to shooting under moonlight for some of the subs. 100 x 300s in Lum, 40 each of 300s in RGB. Comments and criticism welcomed as always.





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