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  1. Hi Pingster, I just came across this old post of yours. Which carpark in Ashdown do you use? Everytime I've been out these with the scope I seem to have disturbed people hanging about in their cars in the middle of the night!
  2. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Will take a look.
  3. Hi Nosy,

    I saw your post on the South Downs National Park and then read some of your other posts.

    Welcome to Crawley.  I live in Copthorne, just outside.  Do come along to the Crawley Astronomy Society next month (you just missed this month).

    Here is the website.  http://www.crawleyas.co.uk/

    It's the third Friday of every month at 7.30 in iField Community Centre on iField Drive.

    Maybe we can get a group of interested members to the South Downs National Park.



    1. NosyTrader


      Hi Steve, sorry I missed this. Thanks for the message.

      I came across the CAS online and was planning to come along. It would be great to organise a trip to the South Downs.

      Looking forward to meeting you and other stargazers in and around Crawley!

      Best regards,



  4. This is great news and news which I had missed! Thanks for the tips for good locations in the Downs. Does anyone know of any closer to Crawley/Horsham?
  5. Looks like my question has been answered previously. I've just moved to Crawley and would love to hear about any recommended sites not too far away!
  6. Resurrecting this old one - I'm currently in Abu Dhabi enjoying amazing skies in the desert, however I'm moving back to the UK in a couple of months to Crawley in West Sussex. Any star gazers got any tips on reasonably dark sites close by?
  7. I did try - behavior is different now. Basically the up arrow won't work. It jolts in the wrong direction. I've spoken to the retailer and have mailed celestron. Hoping they can diagnose as I've even sent them a video of it
  8. Well I after all this...something has obviously been wrong, as now the scope is jammed! The Alt motor only moves the scope down, no longer up I'm guessing a trip to the retailer is in order. With me residing in Abu Dhabi and the retailer in the UK, it's going to mean no scope for months! Hugely disappointed!
  9. So after some investigation, what I'm finding is that all is fine on the az axis. If however I change direction on the alt axis the following happens: Direction down arrow held, then changed to direction up arrow - the object moves left in the eye piece first, then down as it should. Direction up arrow held, then change to direction down - the object moves right in the eye piece first then up as it should. If I hold either up or down arrow, stop, then continue in the same direction all is fine. I've checked the mount with both the iPhone app and the hand controller, just to make sure there wasn't anything dodgy going on in that department. Does anyone know if I should be worried about it/if I can do anything about it/try and get it back to Celestron? Thanks!
  10. Thanks John, I will give this a try. Continue to appreciate your suggestions!
  11. Thanks John, I did see this before but wondered about the jerking that happens if I e.g. move the scope up and it jerks left or right first, then moves up.
  12. Hi all, I'm ever trying to get my goto centering in my eyepiece, something that has eluded me thus far. I'm always in the eye piece, or slightly out of view but always (close). One thing that I've not perfected is my backlash settings, which I think cause the following problem (correct me if I'm wrong). At times I try to center an object in the eye piece and I for example move the scope down using the down button, but the scope actually jolts a little to the left or right first before moving down. When I'm trying to make a small movement, it can take a while to start moving in the direction I want. So I guess my questions are, if anyone has any tips or is it just a case of moving the scope around and increasing backlash in increments till I'm happy? Also, is it a symptom of backlash that the scope jolts a little on the alz axis when I'm trying to move in the alt axis? Note - I have checked co-ords, time and levelling. Many thanks.
  13. Thanks John! One thing I'm guilty of is not approaching a star from the bottom left to right as the scope does. I will try and get more rigid with this. Many thanks - once I find a cable (I'm in Abu Dhabi), I will update and let you know how I get on!
  14. Thanks @JG777, this is really useful to know. Aligning the scope is something I'm finding nearly impossible at the moment. The go to function is always off centre. I've checked all the usual things like co-ordinates and levelling. I'm hoping the firmware solves it. Now just need to get hold of a cable to upgrade the firmware!
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