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  1. Thanks for this. great to hear about your experience of having actually used one. Like you I have to setup every time I want to use it, so it sounds like the wedge would be a PITA! Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Many thanks for the recommendation! I’ve not heard of this book, so will definitely check it out!
  3. Hi, I actually miswrote that. It's the Nexstar Evolution 8, which comes with the standard Computerized Altitude-Azimuth Single Fork Arm. I didn't realise that the polar alignment could potentially be more difficult with a wedge. I've watched a few Youtube videos where this didn't come out. I guess unless there is much improvement between the SE mount and the Evo mount, then perhaps a wedge is not the way to go and Eq mount. Appreciate you taking time to respond.
  4. Hi all, I've recently got some time back in the evenings (kids are growing up a bit), so I've started heading out and have the bug back for getting back into astrophotography. I've very much an amateur. My kit list at the moment is Celestron Nexstar Evo 8 and Nikon 3500. I'd like to do more deep space photography with longer exposures. Ideally I would just buy an eq mount such as the Celestron AVX but I am also tempted by the HD Pro Wedge due to the lower cost. I've spent a lot of time on the forums to understand what the general opinion and and it seems to be mixed. What I don't want to do is buy the wedge and find that I have a load of issues that would haven't been evident if I'd just gone for the EQ mount to start. Any advice appreciated! Kind regards, Firoze
  5. Hi there, if it's still available would you consider selling the piggyback? I'm contemplating making one...
  6. A much better view as Ditchling is high up. I'm planning on heading to Pulborough next.
  7. I was there last night. I have to say I was a little disappointed. There was far more light pollution that I expected. It didn't help that there is a football stadium with it's flood lights on all night!
  8. This is great Dave. Thanks very much! I am certainly going to head down to Birling Gap sometime. I've visited during the day and thought it could be ideal. Ditchling Beacon is certainly an accessible option! Many thanks, very much appreciated!
  9. Hi there all, I've not been on a forum or actually had much time for any viewing in a couple of years now (young kids), however want to start taking my scope out again. Does anyone have any good locations around Crawley that they wouldn't mind sharing? I've been over to Devils Dyke recently and Ashdown Forest a little while ago. Any other suggestions appreciated! Kind regards, Firoze
  10. Hi Pingster, I just came across this old post of yours. Which carpark in Ashdown do you use? Everytime I've been out these with the scope I seem to have disturbed people hanging about in their cars in the middle of the night!
  11. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Will take a look.
  12. Hi Nosy,

    I saw your post on the South Downs National Park and then read some of your other posts.

    Welcome to Crawley.  I live in Copthorne, just outside.  Do come along to the Crawley Astronomy Society next month (you just missed this month).

    Here is the website.  http://www.crawleyas.co.uk/

    It's the third Friday of every month at 7.30 in iField Community Centre on iField Drive.

    Maybe we can get a group of interested members to the South Downs National Park.



    1. NosyTrader


      Hi Steve, sorry I missed this. Thanks for the message.

      I came across the CAS online and was planning to come along. It would be great to organise a trip to the South Downs.

      Looking forward to meeting you and other stargazers in and around Crawley!

      Best regards,



  13. This is great news and news which I had missed! Thanks for the tips for good locations in the Downs. Does anyone know of any closer to Crawley/Horsham?
  14. Looks like my question has been answered previously. I've just moved to Crawley and would love to hear about any recommended sites not too far away!
  15. Resurrecting this old one - I'm currently in Abu Dhabi enjoying amazing skies in the desert, however I'm moving back to the UK in a couple of months to Crawley in West Sussex. Any star gazers got any tips on reasonably dark sites close by?
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