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  1. I am minutes away from purchasing an Orion 8" f/8 Rit-Chr Astrograph and an Orion Atlas EQ-6 mount strictly for imaging....is this the way to go???? Thanks! Gino
  2. Hello, wonderfulll community! I am minutes away from purchasing an Orion 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph as well as an Orion Atlas EQ-G Mount strictly for imaging.....I use a Canon 350....is this a smart buy??? Thanks, All!!! Gino
  3. Thanks Jarralad and Crovax.....We're all in the same boat of limtations I guess and we must make it work somehow...I am off to photgraph in the clear chilly night! Gino
  4. Thanks...I do refocus constantly...I tried high ISO(1600) settings for quick shots at up to 1/4000 of a second as well as up to 10 Sec exposures at low Iso(100)...maybe I'm just cursed.
  5. I have even used various colored filters to try and illiminate the vicous glow....to no avail. Also, I am using a remote shutter release plus a 2 second delay after that.....
  6. Thanks, everyone. I am using a T-mount adapter so I am shooting through the scope....it's odd becasue through the scope, via eyepieces, I can see the cloud bands etc....then when I insert the camera, all fails. Zero detail...can anyone recomend a fairly "cheap" ccd or webcam......my head is spinning with disapointment and exitment.....I hope I haven't upset our Gassy male planet.
  7. Everytime I shoot Jupiter...regardless of the ISO and exposure time I get a messy blur....any tips? I have a Celestron 130SLT and am using a Canon 450D with a barlow X2.. Thanks!
  8. Very nice....I just get alot of white...one day I'll figure this out.
  9. SmartStar-A Altazimuth/German Equatorial Dual "Cube" Mount This looks to be good deal but I have tendncy to rush into purchases....will it work with my Celestron 130?? Will it greatly improve deep space astrophotography??? UGGhh. Thanks Everyone!!! Gino:iamwithstupid:
  10. Thanks so much....well needed info before I dive into yet anoother purchase!
  11. Sorry...AutoGider....I have a Celestron 130slt...and I would really like some long deep exposures without the star trails....I am told to purchase a Germal Equatorial Mount but I have seen some CCD Auotgiders that claim they do the trick. Do they...Thanks!
  12. my mount is not the greatest for shooting deep space objects...will a CCD/Autofinder render this problem as apposed to purchasing a whole new mount???? I hope so...it's much cheaper...! Thanks!!!
  13. I have been searching the web for German Equatorial computerized mount....I have found some that are VERY pricey and then I found some very cheap telescopes that come with them???? Any recomendations for a moderatlely priced one for my existing Celestron 130SLT?? Thanks!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks a million, Steppenwolf...and I am about to purchase your book...as long as the shipping to the U.S. isn't ridiculous!!!!
  15. Will I be able to use my current SLT hand control if i do make a new German equatorial mount?
  16. You people are quite amazing....I learn much more from just a few replies from you "guys" then I do reading tons of junk on the net until my eyes bleed!
  17. Thanks , Dean!!! I am very new.....2 weeks new to be exact. I have a brand new Canon eos 450 Rebel xsi that I am not too good with...and I have taken it to the zoo.. .....but every shot I take over 3 minutes results in star trails even with my computerized mount...Celestron 130slt....so I figured a CCD which takes tons of short exposures was the way to go... I want to shoot galaxies mainly...but after tossing over $1,500 dollars into this obsseion in the last few weeks I'd hate to throw in another large sum when I should most likely try to get used to running this equipment properly. Thanks again....imptiently. Gino
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    From the album: Moon

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