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  1. This is very true. The next time you look at it, you will notice more detail. And the next time after that.
  2. There is a thread about that scope on SGL http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/208138-skywatcher-heritage-100p/ The books and charts will be for you, correct? Most seem to like Turn Left At Orion, combined with some sort of software/app. Stellarium is popular, and rightly so. There are also a multitude of smartphone apps.
  3. Well, because, like eyepieces, there is no "best" eyepiece. With books, there are no "best" books. I like books written for simple people, and for £20, this is an awesome book. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1409376508
  4. That is quite true, but I have seen just as many frustrated people throwing in the towel after trying to wrestle with alignment on their GOTO scopes.
  5. Good job. Don't feel the need to collimate it unless you suspect it is out.
  6. Same here. I quite adept at navigating around my eastern facing back yard, but go to a dark sky site (my astro club's place) and I'm totally lost!
  7. The included eyepieces will do fine while you learn your way around the scope and skies. If you don't need portability, then the 10" will be a great starter scope.
  8. Nope. A giant reflecting mirror is a pretty accurate description. It's still worth looking at to see the phases though.
  9. Nice report. If you were scanning up around Crux it was most likely the K Cru Cluster/Jewel Box Cluster/NGC 4755. The Pearl Cluster is in Centaurus. Why did you attempt to adjust your collimation in the first place? Was it off?
  10. It doesn't sound like you have it focussed properly. The focuser has a fair bit of travel in each direction. It is also possible that you don't have the eyepiece seated all the way in the focuser.
  11. Well done, it's awesome when you find something. I do find half of the fun in the hunt. It took me a couple of nights to find 47Tuc, and at least a week to find M104!
  12. Yeah, it's a ripper! I'd be happy to capture something of that quality!
  13. There is a reason that this scope and it's US brother are so often recommended as good beginner scopes.
  14. Wow! 12o above the horizon! That sucks for you guys. That's a real shame, it's a nice little glob. It's currently passing within about 13o of the zenith where I am, I just thought you'd like to know that.........
  15. Have you considered attending a star party with a local astronomy group?
  16. Positioning/timing, yes. Our first night of observing we had a very distant Mars, and Venus, which while it's cool, it's not very spectacular.
  17. That sounds like a good first observing session to me! It was a couple of months before I saw my first planet. Your telescope probably rates a2 or 3, but that's not a bad thing. It's ready to use and cheap. If it was dearer, you may not have bought it, and you wouldn't have seen anything. If it was complicated to use, your first experience may not have been as good (read the horror stories of people who bought an expressive EQ as their first mount!)
  18. And some blue pills. The future of the human race is assured!
  19. Do some research on "exit pupils". That may help you to understand what is going on.
  20. Nice one! Other than the dew shields, which I don't have, I can relate to each of your bullet points. The money I would have spent on a barlow, I pumped into thermals, wooly socks and pair of gloves.
  21. Another good book (if you can get past the typos) is Star Clusters And How To Observe Them, from Springer.
  22. If that's a correct way up image, then yes!
  23. Nice. I saw that pic in another thread, and tried to find that scope. They don't seem to make them anymore?
  24. Nice one! I usually like to end my viewing sessions by looking at this.
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