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  1. Nice one. Don't forget to align that finderscope during the day, if you haven't already.
  2. My son is going to have to start making room on his bedroom walls!
  3. You could do it from the front of your house. There must be a cell phone tower or church steeple nearby?
  4. These are different steps. Des is on the right track. Tim, you need to confirm that the finderscope is aligned with the view through the eyepiece. This is a step best performed during the day, using a streetlight, or other high/distant object (but not the Sun of course).
  5. Hmmm. Well, be sure to post back here with any problems you might have. I know 2 people who have these and neither of them managed to see anything other than the moon without help.
  6. Your realistic expectations and sense of wonder, are what made the night for you. Well done.
  7. It may depend on which version of Tapatalk you are running. The most recent FREE version, is the one I'm using. I stopped using the paid one some time ago, when they stopped supporting it.
  8. Bottom right hand corner. Blue circle with pencil in it.
  9. http://www.geocities.jp/toshimi_taki/ A good source for charts, and a downloadable planisphere.
  10. My son and I have had a 150P since Christmas. We've seen plenty with it. We've been mightily impressed, as have those we've shared it with. If you can stretch the budget, get the 200. 70% more mirror area. If you have specific questions I'll be happy to answer them.
  11. Could it be a geostationary satellite? They wiggle about a bit.
  12. Yup. Frankly, it hurts my brain. I just like to find and look at sparkly things in the night sky.
  13. Here is a YouTube playlist for a really good documentary called the Seven Ages Of Starlight
  14. Patience and enthusiasm are the essential accessories from day one.
  15. Dob. Drop it on the ground and start observing. You need to be comfortable with star charts and enjoy the thrill of the hunt though. If you don't think you have the patience for that, then maybe you need a GOTO, but they aren't necessarily as easy as they make out.
  16. Nice report. If you can see M45, just stay out a short while longer and M42 will soon be in view.
  17. The only essential accessory are some star charts. Either in a book, or download and print some free ones. Stellarium is useful as well. Have fun!
  18. A push to system, such as the Argo Navis, is affordable compared to an EQ mount, but doesn't provide tracking. Have you used the dob at all? Are you ankle to navigate the skies?
  19. You just have to keep trying various bottle tops and jar lids until you find something that fits. That eyepiece cover is a stinker, but I knew that before buying. I don't have any problems with the objective covers though.
  20. There are really only 2 companies making mass produced dobs, so it's only the standard accessories that set them apart.
  21. Hey Legoman! We were set up next to you at Stockport earlier in the month! Welcome.
  22. If you are in the US, your best choice is going to be the Zhumell Z8. It comes with much better accessories than the SW, or Orion offering.
  23. I'm sure folk on here would be keen to help, but you haven't really defined your problem.
  24. How does it interfere with your dark adaptation?
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