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  1. I found this video useful some time ago. I'm sure it isn't the same for all scopes but certainly a great deal of them.
  2. Could anybody tell me what the thread size is of the blind holes in this picture?
  3. Star clusters, both open and globular, are the perfect targets for binoculars. Most of the Astronomy magazines have a monthly binocular viewing article, so you could pick up a magazine? Or download Stellarium, and see what's up.
  4. Also, a lot of that cost is in the much larger expensive lens on the front.
  5. Greetings from a fellow South Australian.
  6. The 8" has 77% more mirror than the 6". That's a pretty good reason for getting the 8". They charge more for the 8", because they can.
  7. Nice addition to a 4 year old thread!
  8. Thanks for that explanation. Paul Haese recently did one with an integration time of about 18 hours, it's pretty cool http://paulhaese.net/M104.html
  9. Great pic. A question from someone who doesn't do AP, is how do you get the FL that you require?
  10. O-Ring packs at B&Q probably go for a couple of quid. I'm sure you could find one to fit! http://www.diy.com/search/results/page=1?question=o+rings
  11. And when you make changes to your location/time zone don't forget to save them. It took me a week to work that bit out.
  12. You need something like this http://www.scsastro.co.uk/catalogue/orion-dual-finder-scope-mounting-bracket-10145.htm
  13. I use windows "most often" but that's a bit of a necessity really. I've got all sorts of linux distros installed on various machines.
  14. Yeah! I was going to say detecting it with a 70mm is quite a feat!
  15. Do you find using the app totally kills your dark adapted vision?
  16. My Son. He expressed an interest in Astronomy, and looked to me for guidance. I had to learn, and it turned out I love it too!
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