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  1. Named, yes. Pronounceable, no! Richard
  2. He conveniently forgets that Poodles were bred as hunting dogs http://www.almostdailynews.com/2013/09/21/hunting-poodles/ Richard
  3. Mmmm, Madeira cake... What? Richard
  4. I don't think I do anything other than clean it up. It's a neat little thing, and I would guess that the mount is totally inadequate. It looks far too flexible to me. So, to make it worthwhile, scrap the focuser, mirror cell and the mount. Then only Grandad's cardboard tube remains, which seem a terrible shame Clean it up, make it work, look through it and remember the times with your grandad Richard
  5. I don't think so. The top is a proper EQ mount. The base seem to have an axis running through it which I imagine is for fine tuning the polar alignment Richard
  6. I wonder if this really what you want: http://theinspireproject.org/default.asp?contentID=3 Richard
  7. Briefly scanning those articles, it looks like the output is just the deflection of the needle on the meter Have I misunderstood? Richard
  8. Thanks Les. I'm not sure how you can make this work - white light is a damn nuisance to astronomers, so roadside locations with passing traffic could be a problem. Your end of the road location sounds good Richard
  9. That is amazing quality, you have a very fine mount there Richard
  10. How will you know when you have finished, Damian? I'm not familiar with the tests you are using Richard
  11. It has an impressive number of castings in it and some nicely thought out details. Could you post some more pictures? Are there any markings on anything? Maybe on the back of the mirror Richard
  12. Glad you brought that up. If it's one or the other, then it's clearly flat. Otherwise my spirit level is useless Richard
  13. I have lots of fingers crossed for you Makes this IPad a bit tricky to use, mind Richard
  14. It does polarise opinion, and I don't think you need to confess anything I'm reasonably sure that the vast majority of people here are doing this for fun rather than as serious science. How you have fun is different for all of us I happen to enjoy using with things I can get intimately involved with. It's really no surprise that I have dismantled my scopes, modified some of them and like to work with paper and setting rings. I have my sister's Celestron here to work out how it is set up. It's a nice little thing with a neat motorised mount. I got it set up, plugged in some numbers and it showed me two DSOs pretty quickly. And once I had got over the 'wow' of the mount finding stuff on it's own I just didn't enjoy the process so much. I saw two grey smudges fairly rapidly On the other hand, I spent the best part of an hour trying to find the Andromeda galaxy using Cassiopeia and Andromeda (and the top of our Bay tree), which I eventually did. I found a smudge (of course). On the other hand, I learned the shape of Andromeda and the location of Mirach. So, for me, I hunted out a smudge and learned some astral geography, and I had fun Taking BigSumorian's phrase, I am happier finding than observing at the moment. Maybe that will change if I ever get my damn scope collimated properly Richard Taking
  15. I wouldn't entirely agree with that. I know with my limited experience I find the night sky easier to navigate in the evening when it is getting dark. Basically, with far fewer stars the big signpost ones stand out. Once it is truly dark, it gets very confusing On the other hand, I guess with a lot of LP there is less to see. So I suppose that GOTO will take you to where an object should be. No guarantee that you can see it though Richard
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