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  1. Splendid... thanks for sharing ! Wondering at what time expense and / or resolution can we some of the traces created by the so called human activity !?
  2. Hello, Just a quick note here,now that we are going internationally,without any physical borders ! Discovered a very nice and active Community of astronomers based in Romania. They are organising every year,in May and in autumn a two days outgoing. Very nice,plenty of things to see and to do. Pointless to mention that the sky there is near to completely dark, away from any city light polution. Fagaras County is a beautiful place,lots of things to do around, in case that you get bored and/or want to take a longer break way from the daily stress. Food is excelent,beer nice and traditional stuff around you, at avery corner sorounded by lovely people. With your permission,i insert below the links for the main page,where registrations for this year's month of May are taking place and, a YouTube clip about Fagaras County. Link to last year, 2018' party event, lots of enjoyable pictures: http://www.astronomy.ro/forum/viewtopic.php?p=181624#181624 Link to local Romanian Astronomy Forum, Astro_Party 2019 http://www.astronomy.ro/forum/Star-Party-National-International-f80.html Link to YT Fagaras Country' presentation clip: Without any intention to offend,i am looking foward to meet you there. If you need any help or assistance,please contact me here or offline. Take care and clear skies... Regards
  3. Hello, Sorry to hear about your problems. I live in Ireland too...I have a CG5 mount, i can help you if you're around Dublin area. Regards
  4. Great and happy to hear you guys are having fun.Post some pictures so I won't forget the look of it I haven't seen a clear sky for more than a week now...
  5. Hello, I'm sure you will enjoy the scope ! What I discovered myself lately and I am trying to stick with...using the eye piece directly attached to the scope and avoid a barlow ! I have a Celestron 2.5x barlow but im using only for DSLR. I'll go for 9mm,17mm and 25mm. Save a for a 32mm as well, as sometime it looks glorious at that size... Have fun...
  6. Hi, Thanks for sharing. More or less,same question:how is the cg5 mount performing under the "size" of the C11 please !? With the eye pieces and / or with a DSLR. Regards
  7. Been thinking of doing myself... So far,i have the Nikon D5100 output-ing the live feed trough the HDMI to a HD PC 22" monitor. Not bad so far but im not sure how good is between seeing with your eyes and doing ccd snaps. I guess that a good 4K video camera (pro or home user) linked with a proper connector / adapter may make a real difference !? Is there a price performance ratio camera that can be adjusted to this area !? Regards
  8. NASA Live TV with the H U M A N S and the machines behind this great achievement: https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html Thanks...
  9. Healthy space craft, lots of data and ... they are already out bound from Pluto ! https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html Thanks NASA !!!
  10. Hi Darren, Welcome to SGL... I'm planning / I've planned to create a similar astro-club for few local schools here in my area. I'm not a teacher but I have a direct link to them as part of my job. I have my own scope and other bits and pieces, all ready to be shared. I've decided in not jumping straight to equipment as that will kill my teaching strategy, they will learn "how" to use a scope or a eye piece but not "why" and "where". I will start by using hardcopy, audio video material, as part of the computer club or after class hours. Then, once I have few kids interested, I will see if I can corrupt them on to a real equipment. Also and not lastly, as you need to do the outside observations at night, very late at night, the issue with child protection, privacy, "touching" the child as you are friendly, sorting out the location (drive on / drive out) it has/had a great pressure on my decision and I kind of thinking of give up. Not to mention parents involvement, safety & health insurance... Good luck and keep us posted here...
  11. Hi,thanks. The plants are evergreen, they are "always" green in Ireland If I manage carefully to don't destroy too much of the current plants layout and to build it around...then the branches will invade the obsy and make it part of their habitat. Of course...along with spiders ! Along with the green-sih and brown-ish structure of the new build,it will look nice. Planning permission as below: I tend to agree with you but if I can do it then I will insist to the builder to include it in the final project. A quick question for people that have built it: I'm not sure how or what type of plastic sheets can "bend" around to create the curvature needed for the top roof of the dome ! Can it be bought and remodelate it or is there a supplier that can create them as per my needs ? Thanks.
  12. just seen this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbLIOKAPKT8 I love the idea of having a triple roof: -external ,white, hard material, cover for rain, sun, birds and other "hard" stuff; -internal, transparent, soft plastic material to protect you against wind / soft rain but let you watch the sky in its full360" beauty; -intra-internal,2/3/4 petals in sides, softer material, black-out 100%,to enable / facilitate to cover against light pollution. Of course, a proper supporting mechanism for rotating / opening_closing and reliable needs to be in place. Also, a cold air ventilation to allow immediate OTA adaptation to outside conditions. Then, on another video, seen a pretty good idea to build at the ground level a warm room for equipment and for hiding away from o/h and at the top, in the open doom, the proper observing/imaging equipment. What do you think !?? Thanks.
  13. And a side view of the wall and three houses: Thanks !
  14. Thanks to all for reply. Another draft picture.... I'm waiting for my son to do it in Photoshop later today. I don't have problems with neighbours as the dome will be in the corner at the end of their gardens, both of their gardens. Also, the neighbour in left side has trees and a summer corner for barbeque. The neighbour in the right side has massive vegetation, trees and I don't see how I am going to disturb them. Of course, i'm going to have a chat with them, they saw me with the scope at small hours of night but just to be polite. They may say "something" but legally they cannot object. and I would like to take them in my project otherwise I will feel like im violating their space even if I don't. I don't really want to put it on the ground as I have already space for the kids and family. So, apart of the issue with neighbours, spying and doors&windows...do I need to be aware of anything else related to surroundings !? Thanks in advance.
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