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  1. gold682

    Celestron piggyback mount

    I see in the background what looks to be a UCS Lego set. Are you an AFOL? (if you don't know what that means then you're not :-)) Have a free bump!
  2. Don't want to hijack thread but does anyone know if the AZ GTI tripod will go in cabin baggage? (ie. collapsed its 55cm or less). Reason I ask is pretty much same as poster in that i'm after a truly portable set-up which I can take to my regular trips to Spain in my hand baggage. Thanks Paul
  3. Hi, I'm going to be purchasing a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer bundle for some astro imaging and want to know if this "matching" tripod is any good. I will only have a camera attached to the Mount.Tripod for Star Adventurer . Comes in at £69 with delivery. I am on a budget (£400 all in including the bundle). Is it also worth me purchasing a decent ball head mount (approx £20-£30). £275+£69+£30=withing budget. My requirements are that the bundle is portable (travel to and from Spain a lot, cabin bag only - great sky with minimal light pollution where we stay). Tripod will remain in Spain. Thanks in advance Paul
  4. OK, just did some reading on the 130 PDS and it looks like it should be one on my list. Price wise im looking at up to £500 and am also looking at 2nd hand.
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses so far. Can't believe the responses i've had in such a short space of time. It's nice to get opinions from others especially those that have the knowledge and have been through the same quandary and minefield that equipment choice gives. I wish I could convince myself I only want to observe because i'd buy the 200P Dob tomorrow. However, in my heart I know I will want to expand into imaging, especially after seeing what is possible - i'm blown away by most of the pics on here. I accept now that a "one size fits all" scope does not actually exist, however, I deduce from the comments I could get a reasonable compromise. Anyone know of any clubs around the North London area (I live in Enfield). Cheers Paul
  6. .....if anything like that exists! Anyway, here's a bit of pre-amble of where I am...... I used to be into Astronomy as a lad (along with my best friend), where we both received our first (and only) telescopes (Prinz refractor from Dixons). Anyway, armed with a pocket book of the skies we taught ourselves the constellations and planets and spent many an hour outside (winter was always the best for seeing the "good stuff"), chuckling whenever one of us mentioned "castor & pollux" in a sentence. Moving on, after digging out a no name 150mm reflector my father-in-law gave me and glimpsing some of the night sky (decided to dig it out after watching some BBC4 programmes), I have decided I want to get myself back into it. Looking at what is now available, to what I had 30 odd years ago and the wonders of astrophotography (yes i've delved into that section on this forum and am blown away by some of the images), it's really rekindled my interest. Now for the question(s) I've done a lot of reading on various forums, normally always coming back to this one and googled various scopes etc. I think deep down I want a refractor, as I want the ability to store and move it easily, with the potential of it going out to Spain with me, as the sky at night where we stay is gob-smackingly clear. I also want to be able to connect up my DSLR or Micro 4/3 camera to try my hand at photography - planets, moon, nebula etc. So where should I start? I like the following scopes (I think, after reading various reviews etc) Skywatcher ED80 pro (Pros: refractor, portable, good for imaging. Cons: Expensive; still need to budget for a mount; 80mm - big enough?)Skywatcher StarTravel 120 (Pros: refractor; portable; reasonable price. Cons: mount required; imaging not as good as above?)Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dob (Pros: well respected, bang for buck, easy to use. Cons: push mount; very big; photography not really a starter)Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan GoTo (Pros: Compact; tracking; reasonable price, photography potential. Cons: Bit too small for imaging?)Meade ETX 90 (as above with SkyMax?)Celestron Omni 127 SCT (as above with SkyMax?)Celestron Nexstar 4SE/6SE (as above with SkyMax?)So there you have it. I'm bit of an open book when it comes to the scope. The only thing I will say is i'm not really one for owning more than one scope or indeed looking to upgrade, i'd rather try and get it right first time (maybe not the best way to do it, but it's how I want to try and do it!) Cheers Paul

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