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  1. new mask for you to try .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeUs7pFwMJw
  2. Thanks Martin, wonderful find! Also thanks for adding all the coords etc to your image. ;)
  3. Unfortunately my desire to get out and use it / test it out has been stuffed by the almost total cloud tonight. As soon as it clears I'll give it a try.
  4. Yes, I've downloaded it on Windows 64 bit and due bad weather just played with it during daytime and last night around 11pm pointing out the window down the street (due 100% cloud cover). Tonight is forecast to be clear'ish with around 30-60% cloud between 6pm and 9pm and socked in after that. Hopefully I can use the ASILive component to do live stacks of short exposure and see for myself. CN forum has a thread where several folk have tried the same component (ASILive) and found the controls very simple yet the final stacked result very similar to SharpCap's stacked result. They posted images
  5. Have fun ... you already own the Canon so give it a shot. If you hate it, or struggle with it, then like I said ... the ASI224 has been for a long time the go-to starter cam for the high sensitivity needed for very short exposure Alt Az EEVA. Many forums could propose other cameras ... up to you to wade through all the suggestions and advice re those options. There are some new cams which people love. I'm biased because of personal experience and maybe how I adjust the SharpCap software .... I try other club members cams, and friends with other cams, and for me ... I keep coming back to the 22
  6. Disclaimer .... My fav cams for use as EEVA are actually Canon DSLR's combined with AstroToaster. With 7 years of experience using them, I reckon 4 frames of 15 sec at ISO1600 with your modded Canon 450D would easily get M27 (and have better detail and with nice sharp pinpoint stars) when used with AstroToaster out in the field at night next to the scope. I've done M27 with single 15 second at a dark site using Canon 650d and AstroToaster. BTW Your Sony Alpha may be even better with it's higher ISO's ... but the Sony's dont lend themselves as easily to in-the-field EEVA processing and st
  7. Extremely nice shots Steve! Thanks, as I've been looking at the combo of 294mc pro and tri-filter for a while. Sorry, as I might have missed it in the first post, but what (Bortle etc) skies were you in?
  8. Great result ... makes me want to get the old Mallincam VSS+ out again! One question ... what is AS!3 ???
  9. Decisions, decisions! LOL. And .... if you raised the OBS one or even two metres off the ground all the above would change again! LOL All the best mate. Can't wait to see where you decide. Post up photos as you build ... cheers
  10. Thank you Martin for all your work doing that. Interesting read too that PointSources pdf.
  11. Out of all those specs Martin, how does one work out the sensitivity for one vs another camera? It's often stated to use a "more sensitive" camera if on Alt Az for instance, due the shorter exposure times due field rotation effects. So sure with a less sensitive camera/sensor you can just stack more and eventually get nice bright(er) image. But you have to wait longer for the stack as you are doing more. But if doing outreach, or 'true' VA (not really caring too much for quality and just want to see lots of stuff during the night) then you want something more sensitive (so you don't have to st
  12. There's probably some smart way to calculate it all. But being not smart enough for that, I made up a jig. Imagine a plank of wood on top of two saw-horses down by the bay near where I live. The whole xx12 tube lay on top horizonally and pointing across the bay towards the port facility on the other side of the bay about 5 km away. The camera was inserted into the focuser (along with its 2" Baader MPCC Canon fitment) and (importantly) with the focuser wound out about a two centimeters to allow for any possible adjustment around the focus point later on. But ... the Orion struts were not holdin
  13. I've got the same GoTo DOB as you ... XX12GT. I drilled a second hole in the strut secondary are as per the photo's ... brings my Canon DSLR APS/C camera to focus nicely. If I used EP's init to do alignment or visual I simply stick a small 2" extension tube in and EP's will also then come to focus. EAA with the APS/C sized sensor worked a treat with EOS Utilities controlling camera ISO and exposure times. Setup EOS Utilities to save images to a folder monitored by Astrotoaster on a bootcamped Macbook. Astrotoaster uses DSS in the background to do the stacking (if necessary) and Toaster to do t
  14. Ditto on everything stash_old says! I've had Samsung SCB2000, various Mallincams, various ZWO's and IMO nothing beats the simplicity and very sharp almost AP results using DSLR on f/5 and lower OTA's. Link to flickr album below ... 3 partial nights viewing using 9 x 60 sec frames ... all screengrabs showing the image on screen in-field at time scope is slewed onto targets and like stash says ... you see the image right from the first frame and then watch it better over the subsequent shots. Usually I set toaster to single shot processing and take single iso12600 frames of aroun
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