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  1. Pretty stormy weather week, but got a brief break in the clouds tonight... WOW I had forgotten how much I can't see from home, blazing and detailed Milky Way, sweeping around with binoculars brings me more than I can see with a telescope, seemingly too many clusters and smudges to identify. Surely preaching to the converted, but it's nice to have a reminder that there is still so much out there to see ?
  2. Ooh, 1980, p79 http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/html/catalogs_extra/1980_tandy_uk/index_all.html
  3. This reminded me of poring over Tandy catalogues when I was a kid ?
  4. Having tried the scope out last night yay - although skies were a bit hazy and planets too low from my usual vantage point. I realised that using the WiFi adapter in station mode isn't best idea unless you have a strong WiFi signal - if the signal fades the mount can be left slewing away until it gets reconnected! ? also a good idea to pin the app so I don't get blinded accidentally swiping the notifications down, doh
  5. Haha the red roof does flip off actually, never thought of that... ??
  6. Finally got to unwrap and assemble my presents!! The scope was packed in a vast amount of cardboard, and feels pretty substantial. The steel tripod is nice and rigid especially compared to the old EQ1 aluminium job... All easy to assemble in very little time. The manual supplied is mostly useless even where it makes sense ? although the leaflet with the WiFi adapter is useful when read carefully (oops): You need to connect to the local SynScan network first, then you can configure the adapter to use your home WiFi with the SynScan adapter in station mode. Then you have both the adapter and WiFi connected, so you don't lose internet. The app (using Android here) connects every time so far. Figured out that you align the scope tube north & horizontal before powering up, then it has a rough starting point for alignment. The app does this pretty neatly and quickly. Also found another thread about linking to Sky Safari (will find it again later) but for info if it helps anyone, you have to connect to the scope initially via the SynScan app, then Sky Safari connects locally on port 11882. Phew! Just need a clear night now to try it out ?
  7. Beautiful image, makes me less sad that I didn't get to see it due to clouds & light pollution ?
  8. If you've bought v5 recently, it's worth asking if it's possible to get an update. I think their window is on recent purchases is 1 month but Bill was generous ? Cheers Martin
  9. Guess which one made it into the house lol! Oh my, I just Googled that ?
  10. Ooh ooh we've had visitors today! Pity I have to wait till my birthday to unbox them... Thanks wifey ? Is it September yet? Sorry about the ensuing clouds... ? Martin
  11. I can imagine how deflated you must be... On the positive side, as the first scope was damaged instead of getting a glowing review, it's helpful for prospective buyers to see that the second scope suggested quality control has issues. Maybe this is revealing why the price is so eye opening! Although I'll never own anything like this, thanks for your inspiring reviews ? Cheers Martin
  12. A fantastic article for newcomers and not so new. The image comparisons are great, and don't detract from what you actually see with your own eyes and the joy of seeing. And I learned something new tonight, thank you.
  13. Thanks @happy-kat I like the sound of the freedom find, seems like you get best of both worlds, I guess it works smoothly when it's without power?
  14. @Girders @cletrac1922 Hi, great replies and lots to think about, thank you both ?
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