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  1. +1 definitely for Lee at Green Witch . Its in Batley (not far from Ikea) Very knowledgeable Guy . no pressure , go in , ring him up , email him - really helpful I've had questions and he's emailed back links to websites which have really helped I've bought all my (limited so far) Kit from him as I can really use the advice and after sales support which is really excellent
  2. Excellent. Exactly what I was after. I'll work my way through them....it's not like I can much with my telescope currently anyway! Thanks again
  3. I'll admit to being a bit dejected , have "stayed up" till midnight in expectation of a good viewing , with my newly bought kit....... Disappointed again ! So my question relates to weather apps ..... Loads around but are daytime , sun & rain biased for obvious reasons Does anyone know ...Is there an app out there that will forecast the nightly chances of a clar sky ??? Or do you just look up at 10-ish and hazard a guess Padawan
  4. This has probably been posted +++++ before , but ...... I can't believe what I just saw ...... Me and my son are ( finally) looking at a cloud free sky The Moon was just amazing ...... Venus was ok , as it was just setting Jupiter was great. But setting again and detail was poor. The my son says "what is that star then" .......and a quick look and a gobsmacking moment later & we have our first look at Saturn..........rings & two moons ..!!!!! Never seen this before and hook line & sinker - so amazing , and never knew it was there First time I ever saw your face...... Lovin t
  5. Thanks for all the above Shadow method works - will definitely have a look at sol finders Really shocked about the finder scope being dangerous , though kind of obvious when you think about it Thanks for the advice and big thanks for the finder scope warning
  6. Yeah , I k now ... big yellow think in the sky etc .... Seriously though , I was wondering how to point my Celestron Evo 8 (with a solar filer , obviously) to find the Sun I did through trial and error , and kind of squinting half eyed along the finder-scope axis , but this made my eyes water , and I am sure can't be a good thing So,,,,,, any pointers on how to find the Sun received with thanks Padawan
  7. Dave , thats great advice . Thanks a lot . Especially wrt the other options which will certainly need a look at ! Sonic , I'd be interested to know how you get on with that setup
  8. Thanks for the replies - really useful The Scope I am using is a Celestron Evolution 8"
  9. I wonder if anyone could shed light on the difference on the Teleview Ehos vs Delos eyepieces I am thinking to get a really nice eye piece that will last for yrs , and narrowed it down to these two So what is the difference (other than 255 quid for the Delos , and 450 for the ethos) I gather the Delos is newer, and "based upon" Ethos design , but for the extra 200 quid to be justified I was wondering if anyone could comment on why I would want the Ethos over the Delos Thanks in advance Padawan
  10. "if you want amazing, crisp, awe inspiring photos it would have to be the Mono camera and LRGB filters. to get the best possible chance of a pristine photo." If I am honest this answers the question for me .... In the past I've done the amateur photography "thing" and for me the image is everything .... if I bought a webcam and was disappointed with the image i'd be upgrading. So , unless I've got it wrong , the considered opinion is ..... mono CCD and filters is the way to go if quality is the aim , though gunna have to pay for it Dave .... can you give a steer regarding your comment on ch
  11. I wonder if I could pose a really basic question ? I want to take photos of the moon / planets through my newly acquired Celestron evo 8" So I've been doing a bit of reading , and asking around , and am confused I think I can just attach a webcam and take video footage , then stack it to good results ??? But I also see Celestron doing a Skyris Planetary Camera using CCD technology for a lot more cash So I guess my question is , if I can get a webcam for not much , why would I want a Sykris for loads more ? What extra am I doing to get - ? better images , easier to use , can I use it for any
  12. Padawan

    Hi from Leeds

    Hi all , just to say hello from a Padawan in Leeds I admit to being towards the older end of the spectrum , but this does mean I have (some) spare cash to spend on a lifelong attraction to astronomy. Also with a background in amateur photography , photos through the telescope is looking irresistible So , gone and splashed out on a celestron evo 8". Looking at eyepieces , but in no hurry Looking at CCDs but in no hurry Really just wanted to say hello and REALLY importantly to say a massive thank you to the people who have been so very kind to post their distilled knowledge of the yrs. I'v
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