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  1. Hello, here is the famous Lagoon Nebula captured two weeks ago with my SkyVision 400mm (FD/4) at 1600mm without autoguiding and still in altaz mode of course. Derotation with the Optec Pyxis LE Rotator. Subs of 20s with Sony A7S modded (astrodon) in full frame mode The seeing was poor due to a strong wind. Clear skies Michel
  2. Hello, here is the famous Trifid Nebula captured last week with my SkyVision 400mm (FD/4) at 1600mm without autoguiding and in altaz mode of course. Derotation with the Optec Pyxis LE Rotator. Subs of 20s with Sony A7S modded (astrodon) Clear skies
  3. Hello, here is the famous Trifid Nebula captured last week with my SkyVision 400mm (FD/4) at 1600mm without autoguiding and in altaz mode of course. Derotation with the Optec Pyxis LE Rotator. Subs of 20s with Sony A7S modded (astrodon) Clear skies Michel
  4. Thank you all of you. Yes I know a short time like this is not serious I’m sorry for that...
  5. Hi all another target for my SV16’´ dob taken last month during a night with periods of clouds and bad seeing. Here is the result of only 35 subs of 20s each. (11min40s at 3.200 iso with sony A7S (Astrodon) and SV16 in altaz tracking. of course not enough subs and SNR to low... out of focus and coma due to wrong backfocus... too tired that night thanks for your comments
  6. Hello, me again another target for the SV16" and the A7S. Unfortunately, a too short total integation time due to clouds periods during that night... so only 28min (83 x 20s at 3.200 iso and FD/4) Thanks for your comments... Michael Michael
  7. Here is a re-process of last year's M51, using Siril this time (replacing DSS) This image is the addition of 2 imaging sessions, but with only 40min global integration. Only 10s for each sub as I had some tracking problems at this time. Now it's over thanks to an upgrade in my setup. Thanks for your comments. (intergration time of 40min40s = 244 subs of 10s at FD/4) Michael
  8. Hi all, After a long break of nearly 7 months due to weather conditions here am I again with my 16" dob still tracking in Altaz mode and the Sony A7S (Astrodon). Last month was the occasion to test the Nexus with new 40.000 tics encoders... better tracking indeed. Here is a first well known target. The processing was made with Siril (instead of DSS). I find it easier to manage the colors with Siril, and drizzle works fine, but I'm just learning how to proceed with this soft so thanks for your comments. Integration time = 25min20s (76 subs of 20s at FD/4) Michael
  9. as the weather is bad again.. and again... I've reprocessed M51 taken last year (sorry for that...) This time I've done it with "Siril" (I've just started to use this soft instead of DSS, and I think the colors are better)
  10. and a final one with some classic objects. Have a good week-end.
  11. some more pictures of these 2 nights (13-14 march)
  12. Hello all. I'm back in DSO imaging after a cloudy and rainny winter Here are some images of this month made in south of France, always with my 16'' altaz dob by SkyVision and the sony A7S. The results are not as good as I would like but I'm still learning, and have not enough time to practise. Try to do better next time.
  13. Thanks for your comments, I know this Link and my pics are already posted there
  14. Thanks, here are some of my last images ; And more in my website : http://nodinute.pagesperso-orange.fr/cp_ap_2016.html
  15. Yes, video made In the south of France. And no this is of course not an advertisement... sorry if it sounds like one but it was just to show what we can have with this kind of setup. I'm just an individual... you can see some other posts I've made in the forum..
  16. Hello, A small video to show how it works on deep sky objects... just as if you were behind the eyepiece, but in color
  17. Hello guys, another image of last july taken with the T400 SV in Altaz mode and the Sony A7S. A picture of the setup : A crop full size of one 20s raw image And the final result with less than 10 minutes. Clear skies. Michel
  18. Hello guys, After several months without imaging, here are finally some pictures taken during a week in the south of France last month. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not so good and we had to figure out with the wind and clouds, and the 400mm aperture doesn't like the wind... Lots of exposures wasted Here are some "rescued" images, but with total short exposure... Clear skies
  19. Hello guys, several months without imaging, and finaly last july during a week in the south of France I had the opportunity to play again with my setup... altaz of course Unfortunately we had clouds and lots of wind and the 400mm aperture doesn't like it !! Here are some pictures taken the last 2 nights... clear skies Not enough time exposure but the signal is here anyway
  20. Steve, unfortunately no ? Just an urban sky with to much light pollution. I will say M=4 to the naked eye at best. I have to move at least one hour from home to find a suitable dark sky... when imaging home I use the IDAS LPS filter... it helps but above 20s at 2000 iso and FD/4 the image is totally white ?
  21. Thanks, tracking with stellarcat is really easy. You just have to initialize the system pointing two stars and you are ready for many hours of tracking. From Time to Time you can re-align on the object but just if you need the go-to.
  22. Interesting topic indeed ! Here is my contribution to the No EQ challenge All images made with a SkyVision 16" Newton Alt-az with Stellarcat and skycommander . No auto-guiding, no field rotator in action (althouh I have the Optec Pyxis LE), and 10" subs at 2000 ISO with Sony A7S (Astrodon inside) Cheers Michel more pics here : http://nodinute.pagesperso-orange.fr/cp_ap_2016.html
  23. Thanks Ian. Just for fun One single shot, raw of 2" at 2000 iso. Just correction of levels in PS. Scale 100%
  24. Thank you all for your comments. Two more shots with same setup (focal length with paracorr is 1840mm...) I will post more later, but for now the clouds fill the sky Michel
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