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  1. May I suggest that you take yourself down to a local large garden centre that has a tropical fish concession company on site. There you will find a box of parts specifically designed and assemble for taking power from indoors to the pond etc. Supplies up to about 2000 watts and comes with an ip65 multi outlet. The connection indoors is RCD into a convenient socket. ALL approved and meets Part p etc. However the kit is not cheap. Rcd + indoor cable + wall conector + Armoured cable (15, 30 or 45 metres) + multi outlet + 'safety items' about £200. It even comes with a long series drill for the hole through the wall.

  2. Manock101, I would suggest you go to "The Open University" website and go through the self assessment tests working your way up until you fall over. Each set has a reading list appropriate for that subject/level.

    A word of warning.. If you self assess M205 then be prepared for a shock. This course is a prerequisite for subjects like Gravity/Relativity/Understanding Space and Time. Even the OU admit this course is a killer.


  3. I have an ED80 that I want to 'convert' for solar viewing/photo use. It is my intention to use the Bader Film mounted in a ring to sit inside the dewshield.

    My question is. In order to avoid getting any pinholes in the film would it be in order to mount the film between two sheets of suitable glass, presumably with a small air gap? and would it need to be optically flat glass.

  4. Have you any form of voltage controller? These have large value capacitors in them that can take a while to discharge. If you have a moisture leakage path somewhere then this will give the feeling of persistence. IF the problem lies in the transformer then you need to get an earth leakage check done. (A PAT tester will do it.)

  5. The fact that you can 'feel' a bit of leccy would tend to indicate a possible earthing problem. Probably a slightly 'loose' connector. The most likely cause is damp. A little moisture will allow tracking. Ensure that wherever a cable enters a plug or socket that the gap has a little sealer around the cable. Take them indoors and give a bit of tlc and warmth before sealing.

  6. Where I live (March Cambs) most of the 'A' roads are unlit. A recently built dual carriageway, (to motorway standard), only has lights at the roundabouts. A new major road construction near Spalding also only has lights at the roundabouts. They are white and all of the full cut off type. Someone is at last thinking off the environment in all forms.

  7. The power supply was actually built for ham use. It has soft start and remote at point of use voltage sensing. 12v at the sharp end often means 15/16v at source. The power supply wieghs about 60 lbs!. All I had to do was get a new xformer made.

    The cable will be about 50ft long and I will be using 4mm cable. I have the unit open at the mo so I'll take a pic and put it up later.


  8. If you intend to bury the cable when the ground becomes diggable again then get ready for it and run the cable through a suitable length of hosepipe. Very difficult to damage the cable and no probs when burying it. I ran a power cable (25A) from the board to my workshop, a distance of 134 ft and never had a problem. However when I have finished my obsy I shall be running a new cable from my power supply at 12v DC 30A (360 watts). the power unit is in my study. I'll put details up on my website as I get to each stage.

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