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  1. If you are happy with the optics, perhaps a new structure into which you can add the optics would be best. E.g. a truss or strut structure from Dobstuff? It may be out of budget, but may I also suggest contacting David Lukehurst? He may be bale to do something for you. Sumerian optics springs to mind also, might be in range without optics? As others have said, going smaller from 12” would frustrate me, so putting the mirrors into a more usable structure may be best option.
  2. As a dob owner of a number of years, this is somehting I have never done. But I also haven't really thought about it. Now that Helen raised the question, it does seem logical. Would be great if you can share what you all perceive as benefits of doing this? I observe on everything from snow/ice, to gravel car parks, to grassy fields, I'm thiking it may be worth the hassle.
  3. Marvellous, great news that it is OK! I shan't list the things that were initially diagnosed as critical issues with my optics, but were in fact me being an idiot. Most recent was secondary offset in a defocussed star image. Oh the wrangling i had over why my collimation was off... :-)
  4. I am sorry to not be able to give a specific answer, however I notice on my dobsonian with a standard 4 vane spider i get the same effect inside and outside of focus on brighter stars. A quick bit of googling seems also to suggest that what you are experiencing is focus related. Possible?
  5. Reading the above, and based somewhat on my own experiences over the years, I would say any of your list would be good. Best thing is to get one and use it to its fullest potential. If this is the first scope, its hard to know what aspect of the hobby you will like best, so getting your foot in the door and getting out under the stars with something is most important :-) The points and recommendations made above are all relevant however (re dob, EQ 5 and maks), so do take heed. One comment I would make from my past is a dob is easily transportable for long distances on some kind of
  6. Been there, on a very warm evening everything at the focuser end of a refractor decided to rotate and try to deposit a 30mm 82degree Expore Scientific EP and a rather nice new 2" diagonal on the ground from 5' up. Once everything was tightened back up I had to go and have a wee sit down and beer to relax the nerves. :-)
  7. Wow, that was fast - and that's a helpful looking tool - might get one of those for the wee dob after the next mirror cleaning. Let's us know how it goes.
  8. Aye, perhaps, but I'm not sure it matters as it's in the shadow of the secondary so not playing any role in capturing and focussing photons. I suppose you could damage the coating in such a way that it might cause some chain reaction failure on the rest of the mirror, but unlikely. Crack on, I'd say :-) last time I did this I picked it off with my fingernail, and replaced with new one (ensuring centered using paper template of course).
  9. I believe it might provide some benefit if there is a way the triangle can be positioned in such a way that it points to the relevant colimation screws? Especially if you are not able to see collimation changes whilst you are at the back of the scope. I am sure someone else could give a better response, but hope that makes some sense.
  10. Ach, OP I feel for you, what a disappointing situation. I would only echo what the rest have said here - you bought item, item was defective on arrival, they should replace it. If they trade directly acorss the world, they should be able to waranty effectively across the world. You should incur no costs. What a bummer!
  11. FWIW I'll chuck my tuppence worth in. I recently bought the 15x50s on a trip to the U.S. They are simply remarkable. Not perfect, but remarkably good. I added a pair of Hoya UV filters to the front, but they added a large degree of 'something' bad, so use without. I find them ludicrously sharp, and the IS is staggeringly good. From a comfy deckchiar the views are wonderful. Swimming effect - yes, it's there, but it's the IS trying to counteract large magnitude movements I am introducing - solution: stop moving so much Slight fizzing - yes it is there (but VERY slight) when I introduce too much
  12. Well, thanks to Steve at the mag for reaching out. Turns out it was only the June issue on my ipad for some reason, and likely a hiccup based on me switching devices. I will say that this is superb app, with great content, and delighted that I can now use it in all its glory!
  13. Hi All, Have popped the mag a question a few weeks ago, but heard diddley squat back. Anyone else using the magazine app on the iPad? It used to be great on an iPad mini, but now I have moved to a iPad air and the app is ridiculous. It seems to be optimised for iphone screens, so the text is HUGE, with about 30 words per page. I have tried to dig about in various settings, but can't find anything, and seems to be only one app I can download. resorted to buying pdfs at the moment, which is not the same exprience. It was soo good on the ipad Mini, i'd love an optimised experience for the full s
  14. Its the specific gravity from the mount and large owner pulling it over...
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