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  1. Thanks all for the help but I think I may have solved it. I figured that (barring a cabling or mechanical fault) there should only be a limited number of things that could be wrong. The most obvious was the location data which I now get from a GPS dongle (having cocked it up enough previously) so that was fine. Then I wondered if EQMOD was assuming the wrong date/time. I couldn't see why but I did notice that it was misinterpreting both the date and time from the GPS, although this had never happened before. I removed the GPS from the equation, rebooted everything and had exactly the same problem. As a last resort before taking a hammer to the whole kit I searched for where EQMOD keeps its configuration file. In the file I found an entry "TimeDelta=-7168" and figured it must be wrong as I'm UK based and therefore GMT. I set the value to zero and did the whole restart everything bit and it works! Now to ponder what I've learned from all this after missing easily the best viewing night of the year so far last night. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Sorry I may have mis-typed that, I'm not yet familiar with the terms. The mount moves such that the telescope and weights rotate on their axis (RA?) so he scope ends up pointing in the same direction but the scope/weights are parallel to the ground and the scope is still pointing north. If that makes any sense...
  3. Unfortunately exactly the same thing. I'm at a complete loss.
  4. Hi all, I have an AZ-EQ5 purchased about 6 months ago which has worked perfectly up to now. Last night I set up (first clear night since before Christmas) and after polar alignment, if I tell the scope to point West (using Stellarium or the EQMod buttons) then only the declination motor moves and the scope remains pointing north but at 90 degrees from where I started. If I instruct it to point south the it turn the RA axis to point the scope West. The coordinates and time are set correctly is EQMod using a GPS plugged in to my laptop. Has anyone got and idea what I could be doing wrong? I set the mount up in the lounge this morning and exactly the same thing is happening. TIA, Ken
  5. Fair comment and it's a cost effective way to get up and running. Thanks for posting the images and link.
  6. Nice setup but I think I'd be a bit worried about the strain on the camera hot shoe.
  7. Thanks all, I particularly like the DIY solution. Credit card still groaning from the mount and 80ED purchased fairly recently...
  8. Hi, I'm just getting started with imaging. I have a Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 and I'd like to mount and Nikon D7200, Tamron 150-600mm lens and guide scope to the mount without a telescope. I've been struggling to find any hardware to do this. Anyone know how I might do it? TIA Ken
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