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  1. Hi Alan. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Essex bod. Reckon your old scope will be OK once you've blown off the cobwebs!
  2. Looks like a good book! I saw it with 50x magnification, which was enough to get the distinctive shape and the solar panels - this was more by luck than judgement though - I just happened to be out and saw it come over.
  3. I was out last night, waiting for the sky to darken a bit, and the ISS went over. It was the first time I've seen it since I got my little scope - a 70mm Skywatcher refractor on an AZ mount - and I managed to get a pretty good look at it as it went over. Very exciting! I also had a good time with Mars through the big scope too, but the ISS was probably the highlight of my night!
  4. Hi! This is a great forum so I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Look forward to receiving sage advice from you!
  5. That's right. Most of the time I'll leave the seat and foot on, but to transport it I wanted to make sure it comes apart. For all those who've expressed an interest in more pictures and descriptions, I'll do my best to post something soon! Surprised by the interest in some ways, but given that an equivalent bought chair can run easily to £100 I suppose it's not that shocking!
  6. Thank you! I might add a cushion at some stage - I'll give it a run in first to see how I go. Yep! It works quite well. It all comes apart too so I can stick it in the boot of the car flat if I need to
  7. I know there are people on here who are very skilled woodworkers, and I'm certainly not one of them! However, I've had a bit of holiday this week and, in the absence of clear skies, have busied myself making this. It's pretty ugly, but it seems to work (and I'm not the lightest chap in the world, so am very pleased that I've made something sturdy using offcuts and scraps from the garage)! What do you think? I'm going to add a little handle at the top at some point, but I think other than that it's complete.
  8. Hi Tim - always nice to meet a fellow Harlow astronomer! Great first scope, by the way.
  9. I'd be interested in meeting up with fellow astronomers in the Essex area too!
  10. Very nice! You've clearly been busy since I last spoke with you
  11. Hi everyone, I was using my Skywatcher 200p the other night, and when I finished I began replacing dust covers. As I put the front cover onto the finderscope, the bracket holding it onto the tube failed, and the finder assembly slid out, and dropped to the ground. Despite hitting hard concrete from a height of about 4 feet, it survived! The problem with the assembly is that the finder attaches to the scope via a bracket, which is locked in place with a single screw. This screw simply applies pressure to lock things in place. So I've made a very very simple modification - by drilling a small hole in the base of the finder mount, the screw can lock things much more efficiently. I'm attaching a couple of pictures so my wordy description might make more sense! If you have this scope or something similar, I strongly suggest you make this tiny modification - I feel extremely lucky that the finder didn't smash when it fell, and confident that it won't happen again now! Dom
  12. Love it! I'd personally play with the levels a bit and make the blacks darker, but it would be less accurate (might look a bit more dramatic though). I know there is at least one other Harlow amateur astronomer - there may well be others. Perhaps we should form a little club!
  13. Thank you all - I decided long before I got the scope that I want to create a whole series of lunar images, which I'm going to eventually compile into a printed album for my shelf / coffee table. A very amateur moon atlas - that kind of thing. So this moon shot is the first of many (and, indeed, I've got a few more already!) Glad you like it! Is there anything I can do with my current setup to improve the planetary images? Like I've said, I'm planning to get motors (probably for Christmas!) and then maybe at some point I'll buy a dedicated astronomy camera. But I want to get the best out of my current setup and I'm not convinced I'm doing that, yet. There's no point in buying new gear if I'm not using the current stuff as well as I can. Any suggestions / ideas?
  14. I'm no expert myself, having only just got started with astronomy, but for what it's worth I'd be thrilled with that image myself. And I suspect from your location we live quite close, and I too feel the pain of the airport!
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