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  1. Plouer

    views from Tenerife

    Pictures taken from the Island of Tenerife
  2. The Centre of the Milky Way As seen from The Teide National Park on Tenerife. Canon 700D 50mm F1.8 Lens set at F2.5 ISO 800 20 sec exposure, 14 frames stacked and processed in Photoshop
  3. Hi Andy Welcome to SGL Peter
  4. Plouer

    newbie saying hi

    Hi Welcome to SGL, I'm sure you will find the answer to all your questions on here Peter
  5. Taken from my home in Tenerife on morning 8 Oct
  6. Hola Sabina Welcome to SGL We are Island Neighbours, I live on Tenerife, both great Islands for Astronomy, enjoy your new hobby Peter
  7. Milky Way as seen from my Apartment in Tenerife, bad light pollution as you can see from the palm trees but still managed to get some detail.
  8. Plouer

    Hi from England

    Hi Welcome to SGL Peter
  9. Composite of 2 images, the first a 20 sec exposure for the Milky Way, the second a 90 sec exposure for the foreground, them combined in Photoshop.
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