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  1. hi kathleen, and crepitis. let me know if anything going on , or do you have a group web page. i am down on the machers below newton stewart, nice and dark. dweebo
  2. i agree with bob above. skywatcher do great starter scopes, like the st acros, and the 150p reflector on an eq32 was nice too.(my first scope) and the equinox refactors are quality scopes at a good price. dweebo
  3. hi all, been watching for a bit thought it was time to introduce myselfe. my name is steve, and i visited this site as a freind anounced an event we are running on here. so after seeing the site i liked it and will be contributing from now on. i got my first scope 15 months ago (a 150p) but went up to a meade lxd75/sn10 after a few months, now buildng an obs for astrophotography, as that is where my interest has led me. cheers for now dweebo :)
  4. hi dave, the site does not do meals, and yes there is a pub near, in kirkinner that does meals and on the saturday there is an astro day (talks etc) in wigtown, run by a local society. shops pubs etc , hoping to get the local landlord to do shuttles from site to pub and back, but allways a good idea to have a few tinnys close to hand, hope you make it up , cheers dweebo
  5. hi robie, glad you are comming to the camp, albert and kev & lyne with a few others from kielder are over for the weekend. a couple of clear nights and all will see just how dark it gets here. never had a proper chat at kielder, but if you are there in oct , and i make it over (50/50 with work) i will pop over for a chat, cheers steve
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