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  1. Nice as always Chaos. Good work
  2. Finally got time to rest my gear. Grabbed 15 panes at prime focus. 3000 frames/pane. Stitched in photoshop. This time I was lazy and stitched before Registax. To my suprise it worked well. SkyWatcher 200pds + Asi224mc + IR-742 Started a second with 2.5x powermate but aborted the mission due to the cold weather. -17C Have a great day folks! -Thomas
  3. Happy new year folks! Long time since my last post. Lately I've been shooting some widefield. Here's my latest shots. Milky way mostly.. Venus sets. Sony A7s + Samyang 14mm ISO 10000 15 secs @f2.8 Old pilot station (is that correct english btw?) Samsung NX1 + Samyang 12mm ISO 320 10minutes (iOptron skytracker) Have a good one! -Thomas
  4. Hi Jon and Welcome! Looks like you're gonna have a great time ahead of you. The desert areas in the south west are perfect for this. Your moon shot is great! --TW
  5. Hi folks! Without any astronomical night at all until Aug 24th, nights up here are still too bright for DSOs but I couldn't wait any longer to try my new TS imaging Star 70 (474mm f/6.7). Due to bad polar alignment I could only do 45 seconds. Images were taken between 01.15-02.00, before 01 sky was all blue... I'm confident the result will get better later on when skies are darker and there's more time. Hopefully I will have guiding set up also. But how to guide a small refractor... I guess there will be another topic for that. Given the conditions I think it looks at least somewhat promising. 45x45s Lights 15 darks 20 bias Stacked in DSS and finished in Photoshop. Have a good one, --TW
  6. Great chaos! Keep up the good work! /TW
  7. Great shot! This was the best I could do yesterday. Faint aurora as well. Too bad clouds rolled in this evening. -TW
  8. Still way too light nights for action up here, though late sunsets can be beautiful too. Moonrise at 23.10hrs, sunset in the back. 200mm + SamNX1 (1,5x crop) Have a good one, --TW
  9. Very clear skies lately! Last night sky was clear all the way down to the horizon. Gave it a try at Saturn just for the fun of it . Very faint. Sun is at only -7 degrees. Stacked 800/10000. SW200PDS + 2.5x Powermate ASI 224MC + IR742 Gain 337 exp.time 17ms Poor details, but next time it reaches a decent altitude will be in 2030 Have a good one! --TW
  10. Nice! Like johnfosteruk says, the details to that AR really draws attention there. Thanks --TW
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