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  1. Hi there and welcome ... never be afraid to ask any questions, we have all been there!
  2. Hi there and welcome, have lots of fun with your scope and wishing you clear skies :-)
  3. Hi there and welcome
  4. Hi there, sounds like an amazing location and glad you are enjoying your viewing :-)
  5. Hi Catey and welcome, lots of great info to get you started around the forum so enjoy :-)
  6. Hi Nigel, and welcome :-) we love the Lake District .. such amazing skies (as long as it doesn't rain lol) wishing you clear skies for your trips :-)
  7. Hi Brian, and welcome .. great pics by the way :-)
  8. Thanks, that sounds like a good option too. We had tried before but not got the same result, but we were new to videoing objects at the time, as we started into Astrophotography just doing single images ... so much to learn! Still on a learning curve though so any advice is greatly appreciated :-)
  9. Thanks :-) can't remember how many frames it was though ... I do know there was a slight accident though which meant we had less frames! The hard drive on the laptop we were using got full whilst imaging .... in a panic to delete things to clear space, the rest of the videos got deleted by accident ... dooohhhhh :-( We shall be trying again as soon as we can and hopefully improve on this one!
  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments, appreciated :-)
  11. Thanks ... we used Microsoft ICE for the stitching :-)
  12. Hi all, Thought we would share our image of Jupiter from the 6/4/15 ... this is the first time we have seen the Red Spot. We had spent ages trying to get pics with a Canon and tried the QHY5 camera we purchased as a guide scope to video it instead and then stacked the frames. It worked a treat ... still can't believe we got a pic of it after all this time!
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