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  1. Harsh but fair. Successfully burst my new kit/first light bubble. And thank god for that - was starting to sicken myself too. All the best, Eddie the Eagle.
  2. Yes I've got a 9x50 RACI, but I'd just not got familar with any of the kit or tried fitting it before trying the telescope out that first time. I started this thread so can I quickly finish this extended '3 day report' with last night's much less frenetic session?... Managed to set up before dark and checked the collimation with a collimation cap. The circle was off about 1cm from middle of secondary mirror. Managed to get it close to central without too much trouble, but wasn't perfect. Got about 15 mins with Jupiter before it was devoured by the tree monster. Saw the coloured bands :-) Been
  3. robin mentioned using a clip so it doesn't move. Good tip might try that for an evening session. But just wanted to mention that I've used mine to get a feel for how the sky changes during the year. E.g. I started out by looking at Orion constellation last winter. But it's now not visible for me. But by pinching finger and thumb on say South, just on that top sheet, and holding that hand still pointing South, I can look at say 10pm (observing time) and turn the bottom sheet and the date next to 10pm is what you'll see. So I can see that Orion won't be good for me again until roughly mid Decemb
  4. Hi. I've just got an 8". Used it twice. Thought to myself first night that I was glad it wasn't any bigger. Second night had a bit more of a struggle getting it down the stairs and put together etc. But I'll probably get good at it or find somewhere better to store it and then I'll want a 10'...
  5. Had me wondering then! But it was deffo Jupiter, with moons. I've rewound Stellarium and Venus would have been too low and behind trees. Saturn was trailing behind the moon, lovely big ring tipped over which i didn't mention. I think I confused by saying "bands"? I meant the lines on the rings. Yes a good forecast for tonight - thanks!
  6. Thank you Marky. I've not got Turn Left At Orion but it's on the list! And thanks for the advice re 8mm. The 5mm is an Orion Epic II which I've read is a double price BST whatever a BST is... I've got 5, 6.3, 10 and 25mm... trying the 6.3 tonight hopefully.
  7. I'll try to keep it brief... I'd got the second hand scope that day. Tube in a proper padded bag, base in bubble wrap, and box of accessories. Rain on and off all day, but clouds cleared as darkness fell, and I could see Jupiter, Saturn and a nearly full moon. Had to take advantage, so got the base unwrapped and outside. Tube onto base. Tension screws in. No finder scope fitted but had to act fast as Jupiter about to go behind tree. 25mm Plossl. Aimed at Jupiter. Saw a doughnut shape, which due to previous research here I realized was an out of focus star. But it looked nice and round so thoug
  8. 6 months ago I typed "why is the speed of light constant" into google, and at roughly the same time my wife pointed to the sky and said "That's Orion!" Fast forward to now and I've just bought my first scope. An 8" dob...
  9. Thanks damnut. I've actually managed to have a quick go with it already and plan on posting a report on my first ever observing session... Tom
  10. I couldn't quite talk myself into a 100. I'd resolved to be patient and pick up a bargain second hand 200 over summer. It's the DSO's that got me interested initially, but I'm surrounded by a cordon of street lights. I spotted someone selling all their kit. It had a filter wheel, and the OTA came in a padded bag, and it all suddenly made sense. It had a high power ep too. I said to myself - Don't fight the light pollution. Concentrate on the planets over the summer. The bag will allow storage and portability. So my will power in the end deserted me, and I paid more than I was hoping, but it wa
  11. Hi there. The XT8 is my dream first scope based on everything i know so far, and my personal preferences. I'd be very interested to know how you're getting on with it!
  12. Hi Eddie You mention a big open window. If you are thinking about maybe using a scope from your bedroom, pointing it out the window, I don't think that will work. I don't even have a scope yet myself but read some guy going on about how it's unfortunately impossible due to the air turbulence caused by the temperature difference between the room and outside.
  13. Thanks guys. I was worried I'd have to discount the scope as an option. But sounds workable. Cheers for the Rigel quickfinder tip off too. I'd not seen that before
  14. Hi ronin. Yes I understand your confusion! 100 doesn't make much sense. However I've read that unless the milky way can be seen with the naked eye it will be almost impossible to see galaxies. And from my garden I can see mag 4 stars max. My current thinking is that if I get a 100, and then a decent wide angle EP, it maximizes my chances of getting it to a dark site and seeing a galaxy. (3 kids, 1 wife, 1 estate)
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