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  1. It never entered my mind that it is possible to use a barlow with a zoom EP. Since a zoom EP is also on my wishlist, I might as well go with your advice: A 2x barlow + Celestron 8-24 zoom EP Thank you to all who gave their advice.
  2. I'm planning to buy an eyepiece to improve my viewing of planets. My question is which would be the best among my choices? 5mm Celestron Omni EP 7 or 8 mm Celestron Omni EP 8-24mm Zoom Celestron Omni EP 2x barlow + 15mm Celestron Omni EP combination My scope specs: Refractor with 700mm focal length, 70mm objective, 10mmEP and 20mm EP. Thank you and Mabuhay.
  3. Its been a while since i posted in the forum. I had to post since this is the first time I was able to observe Uranus. Looks to me like a bluish dot - had to check Stellarium three times to confirm that it was really the planet and not a star. Next planet on my checklist will be Neptune. I have attached a Stellarium screen capture of what I saw.
  4. Very happy to finally see Messier 30 using Celestron 15x70. Had a difficult time finding it. Very faint with a star beside it. Reviewed my record sheet and this will be the 74th Messier object that I was able to see. Thirty-six more to go to complete the list.
  5. Was aiming my telescope in the area of the "teapot" when I happen to see an elongated faint fuzzy. Not really sure of what I was looking at so I made a quick sketch. Back at my laptop compared my sketch and pictures on Stellarium and it was M17.
  6. Yes I'm using the supplied eyepieces a PL20mm and PL10mm.
  7. I was wondering if i was not using the correct eyepiece - too much or too little magnification? Also would a UHC filter help?
  8. Searched for M104 last Saturday and was very happy to see it. It appeared to me mostly as a hazy patch of cloud, very different from what was shown in Stellarium. I was using an 70 mm f/10 refractor with a 20 mm eyepiece. When I tried my 10 mm eyepiece, M104 seems to disappear. I was wondering is there anything that I can do to improve my view or am I limited because of my telescope specs?
  9. The telescope has arrived yesterday and used it immediately to view Saturn and Jupiter. Still fumbling with the controls and locating objects in the sky. Very happy with my new telescope. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Mabuhay.
  10. My first telescope arrived yesterday, a Vixen 70M Space eye. Saturn at 35x magnification - I can already see the ring and at 70x magnification - a much better separation of the planet and its ring. Was able to see two bands on Jupiter plus its 4 moons. An unforgettable moment. Thinking of getting a 2x Barlow and filters to have a better view of the planets.
  11. Thank you for all your help. Ordered the Vixen 70M Space Eye Telescope today. Expecting it to arrive next week.
  12. Made a quick scan of the southern skies and was able to see the following: Southern Pleades (C102)n Car Nebula (C92)C91 ? - was on the left side of C92 during my observationPearl Cluster (C97)Jewel Box (C94)Omega Centauri (C80)C92 and C80 looked great. Binocularsky.com object search did not include C91 so I put a question mark on it. Was i seeing another object? Kindly enlighten me. Location : Philippines Date / Time : 20150410 / 2130H Equipment : 10x50s
  13. @Ronin Thanks for the advice, specially on the extra eyepieces. Searched on Skywatcher Evostar 90, might have a problem finding one here in my location. Telescope vendors are very few here.
  14. I have seen the Celestron Firstscope and Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ. Will the Firstscope do better at seeing Messiers and DSO. As for the astromaster 114, its a bit out of my budget for now.
  15. Currently looking for Messier objects. Would also like to see Jupiter and Saturn ring. Not really into astrophotography. Portability is not much of a concern as it will be mainly used in our backyard. Thanks.
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