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  1. Hi, There are some photos on the nasa.gov website now taken of all the landing sites on the moon showning (very blurry) objects. (sorry if this has been put up before now!) NASA - LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites
  2. Hi! Have a look at this link, a solar sail will be visible in low earth orbit and there is a prize for photographing it! Skywatching Tips: Spot NASA Solar Sail In Night Sky | How To Spot Satellites, Solar Sail | NanoSail-D & Skywatching Guide | Space.com
  3. I find it hard to, i only really get a chance of a weekend and you can bet it will be cloudy on the weekends. its not to bad now the nights are drawing in you can be out earlier get longer outside. getting up early for work is a pain! i feel like i have had my telescope for ages and just not got anyway at all in learning my new hobby but i like to look at it as the times i do manage to get out and see something makes it abit more enjoyable and special.
  4. Thanks! im gonna try spot it this weekend. Great picture!! I bet there will be some other great ones if it passes by the clusters and can be all in the same view.
  5. I have read that next weekend there will be a junior version of the Perseid meteors caused by the remains of Halleys Comet but the moon could threaten seeing anything (and also my abillity to draw ever cloud in the sky over head when i want to see something!) Does anyone know any more about this and where in the sky it will occur? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info! I think ill have to wait for it to be closer, i only have 5" scope Its prob changing the subject slightly but it will come in handy when trying to spot the comet but last night i ventured into the garden for a hour or 2 with my friend hes never looked down a scope before so showed him jupiter however once i started going close in using barlow i just couldnt get it into focus ive done this before and had better results could it be down to just bad viewing conditions or something im doin wrong? it was fairly early in the night about 9 o clock, bringing it back to the comet would i need to be so magnified when viewing it? never viewed a comet before quite excited! Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi, I found this small article whilst browsing the net: Encounters with Comet Hartley 2 An icy visitor is positioning itself for easier viewing in the coming weeks. Periodic Comet 103P/Hartley 2 won’t have the pizzazz of Comet Hale-Bopp or the unexpected spectacle of Comet Holmes. But it will be high in the evening sky when at its best, glowing at perhaps 5th magnitude. Does anyone know when it will be visable time wise or will it follow cassopia as it will be passing through here? The article was posted on 10th september 2010 so it is a recent post. Thanks. Paul
  8. CaptPaul

    Joop pan lge

    This pic is ace!
  9. Do you think Binoviewer would work better for my dad as he wears glasses so struggles with viewing mono?
  10. Thanks. I managed to have a quick half hour in the garden saturday night quite late and saw a couple just in that small time.
  11. Was solid cloud over me. how long will they go on for? im gonna hopefully get out tonight cloud cover permitting.
  12. Brilliant thanks everyone for the recomendations will be looking into them and loosing the zoom binos. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! thats a great idea shopping for them in the darker months!
  14. Hi! Hope you had a clear night, if your out tonight theres always the meteor shower if its clear, you wont need your scope but it would be great to look at while you are outside! Have fun
  15. Hi Im trying to buy some binoculars so i can do some observing when i dont have my telescope with me. What would the best size without a tripod be?? would it be 10x50?? Also i have seen binoculars that say they are 10x50 then some that say 10-30x50 zoom binoculars, are these worth the small extra?? Thank you
  16. Hey!! I just checked outside and its pretty clear here in Brum. Does anyone know the best time to view the aurora?? Id love to see them.
  17. Hi, Yeah that would be great ive got "the big move" over the next couple weeks but after that should be fine. THANKS!
  18. i like it looks a great scope getting scope envy lol you have to let us know what you think after sat night! (clear for you hopefully) im on the look out at the mo for a second hand skyliner 300p as me and my missus have just moved into our own place and managed to convince her that the shed at the end of the garden is a great place to keep such a thing. Have fun with the new scope! Paul
  19. hi welcome to the forum its really friendly here and everyone is very helpful. look through some of the old posts theres loads about first telescopes. Good luck in your new hobby. Paul
  20. just googled the scope your getting the views looked great really good pics of the moon and another of orion nebula looks like your gonna have some great viewing ahead. also found this dont know if its real a paint job or a sticker but its pretty cool
  21. haha well theres deffo a new scope in the brum area! it could be me still though i think ive had my scope since just before xmas and i still can count the times out on my hands and everytime its clear im doin sommat different!
  22. are you sure! brum is pretty much clouded over at the mo!
  23. Ive just seen this on ebay... a pink telescope! might be able to convince the missus to try astronomy afterall!! Phenix 150mm(6 inch) Newtonian Reflector Telescope PINK on eBay (end time 11-May-10 18:05:37 BST)
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